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looking for new work


my band recently has lost its singer as well as its bass player; resulting in me having too much time for photography and too little to do with my drumsticks... :-(

if you can sing or play bass, are interested in exploring the strange sounds of zürich with a couple of nicely developed people whose musical taste is unquestionable and are willing to spend one evening per week for regular rehearsal with us; i'd love to hear from you.

HoosierAtHeART Sorry, can't sing.... but enjoyed the photograph!
HoosierAtHeART · 2010-07-06: 12:23
lyency 2006, 2008, 2010... what is wrong with you guys, that you cannot keep your bass players?
lyency · 2010-07-06: 12:25
burbulz sorry to hear that.
can't you sing and play drums at the same time?
burbulz · 2010-07-06: 12:54
????? Super cool video! I liked it. Oh Michael I didnt' know about you. You made me smile looking at you dressed like a bank manager playing drums! Fantastic!
Nice photos there.
I know some bass players but they're playing in Italy and one in Paris. I can ask to one of them if you like if one can come to Switzerland :-)

Hmmm... yeah... why can't you keep long a bass player? (as lyency already asked above)
????? · 2010-07-07: 09:51
haswadi I have friend plays bass but he's in Malaysia...you can check he plays in youtube...just search...symphonia mistreatred....anyway I like your photograph....
haswadi · 2010-07-07: 10:58
noptek I think your announcement will be successful. I sang/shouted a long time ago and it was in a punk band, not the kind of music style you're playing according to your drumsticks.
noptek · 2010-07-07: 12:05
mountainflower excellent composition :)
mountainflower · 2010-07-07: 13:17
pluvieux you can never have too much time for photography! love the music, and neat photo. that's quite the variety you have there.
pluvieux · 2010-07-07: 23:28
Contesina well done! - <the picture, of course:) >
Contesina · 2010-07-08: 00:26
????? P.S. Don't give up! An idea: go and take photos of bands... maybe you can find a singer and a bass player while having fun in shooting :-)))
????? · 2010-07-08: 04:54
????? Nice photo! I wish you luck! I think it will be cool if you find someone through pb and then play together!
????? · 2010-07-08: 11:26
jennye really cool photo! ...and I love the music!
jennye · 2010-07-09: 05:59
jet28 So neat :-)
jet28 · 2010-07-09: 06:31
dae88 just the other day, Alix and I were walking in the street and came across a discarded box of assorted old, broken, scarred, chipped, dented and taped drumsticks. sort of the antithesis of your collection. I was sure we brought a few home with us, but right now I can't find them. Alix hates when I pick things up from the garbage and maybe she's thrown them away, again. I suspect drummers get no respect, but then again, I suspect it's for good reason.

can I be in your band? I have no musical talent whatsoever.
dae88 · 2010-07-09: 11:05
jendayee I hope that by now you could get the missing ones ! Enjoy music !
jendayee · 2010-07-11: 10:39
longimanus strange sounds of zürich, unquestionable musical taste, nicely developed people? have you thought about taking a marketing course already? and i should take one in the topic self confidence ;)
longimanus · 2010-07-11: 13:09
TIM927 where do I have to sign????????? am i too late???
TIM927 · 2010-07-14: 09:18
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