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now you're just somebody that i used to know


i can't seem to escape this song... it's all over the radio right now and it has started to eat into my brain.

davids I thought I had escaped it... it's insidious... thanks for re-infecting me....
davids · 2012-05-03: 04:34
Lsample Maybe some mind control plot? Hypnotic beat for sure. So whatever it is you are thinking of doing next, don't do it. I turned it off before it got all the way through, before it was too late. I don't have enough brain left to have something eating into it. Hope everything works out ok.
Lsample · 2012-05-03: 06:12
TIM927 I loved it since the first time I heard it, and I also love to get trapped in it,,,
TIM927 · 2012-05-03: 07:35
SM2012 S: thanks, Michael, now I've got it too. Remind me to return the favour...
SM2012 · 2012-05-03: 08:25
TEOMONTANA Great post! I listened to this song.........than I played it backwards......I don't think I'll ever be the same!
TEOMONTANA · 2012-05-03: 10:21
DancingDolphin Can't even think what to say about the song as everyone else has been so clever here! So I'll stick to the photo... in this enlarged version I can see just the hint of the white of the right (your left) eye. I can now tell you are looking at "us" which I couldn't tell in your avatar... maybe that doesn't matter since avatars are more symbols than photos. This is a good photo, not only is it interesting visually but it has emotion.

You're quite right about monitors, I once gave a photo to my son for his computer desktop... when I saw it I said "That's not my photo!"... the color was SO off from what I saw.
DancingDolphin · 2012-05-03: 11:28
caroleagle Love this Portrait and I didn't know the song but it cured me, for a while anyway, of a B52's track That I've had stuck for days... Damn listening to it now O.o
caroleagle · 2012-05-04: 08:36
lyency somebody? you are an american presidential candidate lookalike :/)
lyency · 2012-05-04: 11:14
Ejrodriguez hmmmm looks like a celebrity ;)
Ejrodriguez · 2012-05-05: 05:42
atszabo It just shows you how little radio I am listening to: never heard of the guy! Intriguing video, that reminds me of an Uma Thurman film from several years back... ominoius looking self prtrait, again... I want to paint those tiles on you, too! Would look awesome!
atszabo · 2012-05-05: 06:42
Nychthemeron I can see how that song could do just that...
Great self-portrait. You look like there is something very serious (or even murderous) on your mind ;)
Nychthemeron · 2012-05-05: 10:12
liveandletlive OMG, I hear ya. It is being played to death over here. I don't necessarily dislike the song, but it is amazing how quickly they can make a person tire of it.
Love the photo!!!
liveandletlive · 2012-05-05: 21:34
Dropblue this song is perfect as your great self-portrait.
Dropblue · 2012-05-07: 07:26
rmjannette this is just a wild post of you so interesting!
rmjannette · 2012-05-09: 00:41
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