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tram depot, 2am


i have a reoccurring dream since long time, which has me somehow sneaking into one of the large garage halls where the street cars are stored overnight.

i would find an open window in the back alley of this place, climb inside into a humming silence, avoiding to be seen by one of the securitas guardsmen circling through the building; and step by step would explore the place, sneak from shadow to shadow in between the resting street cars, inspect their wheels, climb into the pit under them and check their well maintained joints, all in hushed secrecy and with a fluttering heartbeat.

i'd be finally finding an open door to the driver's cabin of one street car and, while the guard in his corner watches late night shows, will sit into the seat, testing how it feels to have a machine of several tons in my command... and i will discover that i already know, having seen it so many times when standing in the rush hour packed streetcar right behind the driver, how to steer and accelerate and break and move this monstrum on tracks. and i will have my hands on the start button, my fingers playing with the ignition key, my eyes on the display of fully functional instruments - - -

and i usually wake up at this point, without having pulled the throttle to full forward and crashing through the garage doors at 2am in the morning, fleeing through the empty streets of the city, to wherever these tracks would lead me.

one day, i will have to do it.

DancingDolphin I seems some how you have already managed to make the first part of your dream a reality?! I makes me curious how much job stress a tram driver has... are there serious risks... are people pleasant to you.... I imagine nothing quite like the excitement of crashing through garage doors at 2am and wondering where the tracks would lead... make sure you have your camera! 8^)
DancingDolphin · 2012-06-29: 11:57
maharba I'd be afraid that I'd be dreaming about going to the bathroom and pull the throttle .....then it would be all over....
maharba · 2012-06-29: 16:01
idorudoll I've never had the same dream twice so your story seems to be quite fascinating to me! Btw. I like the photo, it's very simple but I like the colours and those lights abve the trains! ;)
idorudoll · 2012-06-30: 05:21
ewafabian Funny enough that I also posted a picture of a tram (today), testing the minature function in my camera...
I am sure the the tracks cannot mislead you, it is just about knowing the right time to get going and to stop for a moment ;)
ewafabian · 2012-07-01: 02:59
Nychthemeron tram depot, 2 a.m.: sounds like a great setting for a good movie, the kind I like most
Nychthemeron · 2012-07-01: 12:00
stuey That one hell of a dream, hope it can come true for you.
stuey · 2012-07-01: 17:28
nataliemanco nice thoughts ...
nataliemanco · 2012-07-02: 07:26
atszabo And you might even earn some money doing it, haha!
atszabo · 2012-07-03: 10:50
Saipanhohhot Wonderful scene.
Saipanhohhot · 2012-07-06: 09:22
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