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stairway to heaven


the sky is not the limit. it's our inability to climb higher than we can imagine.

43 years ago today, apollo 11 lifted the first of 12 people to walk on the moon.

Since 43 years, a large number of people (between 20% and 62% of responders to various polls) believe that it all was just staged in a hollywood basement.

inawe Interesting shot. Lots to look at. Great quote too.
inawe · 2012-07-17: 09:07
DancingDolphin First off I like the photo... too bad there wasn't someone climbing the ladder! 8^)

Second, I am continually amazed at how many people doubt the reality of history/ events ... the moon landing is just one example!
DancingDolphin · 2012-07-17: 10:11
idorudoll Interesting pieces of information... ; ) and the photo refers to them perfectly, despite the fact that it's a little bit to usual to me. Have a nice day!
idorudoll · 2012-07-17: 10:23
Lsample Love the photo! And as to what people will believe, you might recall that very sad period of U.S. history where George W. Bush was elected to two terms as President. Nothing can surprise me now!
Lsample · 2012-07-17: 10:28
lyency nicely lit and "painted" image. i like how the pipes are "climbing" towards the ladder
lyency · 2012-07-17: 12:26
Nychthemeron a great photograph... and the ladder seems to be leading right into the sky indeed, I wonder whether it's for sale ;)
and does it really matter whether they really landed on the Moon or not? today we live in the world where people don't really feel that they actually lived/experienced/felt anything unless they snapped a picture of it and posted it on facebook
processed images, second hand information that's our reality today
does anyone know any longer what makes things real?
Nychthemeron · 2012-07-17: 12:30
liveandletlive Lol. And what do YOU think?
Super shot.
liveandletlive · 2012-07-17: 17:42
dithju a great photo perfectly captioned!!! =)
dithju · 2012-07-18: 07:39
mariadamaris Great catch!
mariadamaris · 2012-07-18: 15:28
stuey I love the concept and the shot. Nicely done.
stuey · 2012-07-18: 17:28
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