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T minus 987654321 launch

by brainstory & storytaylor
by brainstory & storytaylor
by brainstory & storytaylor
by brainstory & storytaylor
by brainstory & storytaylor
by brainstory & storytaylor
by brainstory & storytaylor
by brainstory & storytaylor
by brainstory & storytaylor
by brainstory & storytaylor
first | book | challenge


Once there was a place, hidden among the throatiest secrets of our soul’s rainforest.
Its secrecy could even blur either the simplicity of its structure or the sharpness of its rims. Some elder people used to call it “lost memories”. Some others had even mistaken it by a less topographical ‘place’ named “unconscious”. Despite any possible unbelief (quite typical and wise attitude among our evolved societies) this tale is as real as one could ever imagine, simply because it’s here and there…

At those whereabouts, a fragile and marshy pond, scarcely sparkled with nenuphars – grown up from the happiest moments of life – and tiny myrtles of modesty, resembles a path bleeding countless minuscule seeds of an unknown chemical element, or origin, or fate, which leads to an unlevelling, a fissure that simultaneously comes out from and brings back to the earth - everyone’s soil. Some people refer to this place when threatening things dramatically happen but often forget or simply can’t retrieve where the image came from, or when do these frothy bubbles of plain life flow off from these peaceful yet repentant holes of envy whose speechless darkness can both inveigh no more and keep no resentment overseen...

This lightening melody compels the mind to listen to the whispering children’s dance, mocking someone from behind the fog – the same one that still can’t protect them. Hence, useless observers drawn into vanities, stitched with threads of futile doubts, they all seem unaware until what matters comes nearby and upsets their shadowland of thoughts.

“Beware!” cries the pond to these dreggy blind foragers. Still, they are deaf as well…
“It’s rather unlikely they hear you” says the oldest child “but don’t give up on calling them”, “yes, otherwise they’ll fall into the holes again…” adds the youngest. The pond nodded and its throbbing started wetting the grown men’s feet.

One could not imagine such an odd picture… A bunch of adults suddenly gathering on the wet grass, laughing and playing, smiling at the sky. Their attitude had changed, now. And as soon as they came up with a plan for the things to do with the rest of their lives, they ran off.

Another dawn springs and such shiny spells subsist themselves with the guidance and strength that those little intertwined reeds provide. Our stratified feelings work likewise at their turmoil and pace. Our utmost desires drink at this place. It is even said that when this bewitchment fawns our joys, a praiseworthy plyer resting in each one of us guides his pram again throughout the rye and wheat fields, in stroll of himself.

Should we let him on the loose...

by brainstory & storytaylor

vmathewk Ohhhhh.. the artist at his best.. Lovely set mate.. :)
vmathewk · 2007-11-11: 22:44
Maxine Great set (and I love the colours)
Maxine · 2007-11-11: 23:46
????? Beautiful! Great job:)))
????? · 2007-11-12: 00:03
paula86 Great! I add this post to my favourite. Thanks for doing that great work.
paula86 · 2007-11-12: 02:03
jet28 Astounding!
jet28 · 2007-11-12: 03:04
CaptureAMoment great set
CaptureAMoment · 2007-11-12: 05:26
miclaud Nice imagination! Great and succesful challenge!
miclaud · 2007-11-12: 05:38
Saipanhohhot The Master at work! Great piece of work!!!
Saipanhohhot · 2007-11-12: 05:38
Madoc Great poetry,
In images and words.
Fabulous work,
as usual with you, great artist.
Madoc · 2007-11-12: 06:46
????? Great.. stunning colours and very nicely presented.
????? · 2007-11-12: 07:35
domino artistic photos as usual, thanks for all these nice shots!!
domino · 2007-11-12: 08:30
mimax2 very,very interesting post.
mimax2 · 2007-11-12: 08:30
????? magical .... lovely shots beyond imagination almost .. I love the last picture :)!!!
????? · 2007-11-12: 09:22
SheriJ Very cool wonderful imagination!! Wonderful art work!!
SheriJ · 2007-11-12: 09:23
chrisfly Thank you for a fantastic journey in the Storytaylor world, wonderful work!
chrisfly · 2007-11-12: 09:34
eyes Hey Taylor & Brain congratulations!!!
Good luck into the new journey in your´s life.
The story is cool and the illustrations too, MY DAUGTHER LOVE IT
Countdown to Launch is ready, let´s go fellows.
I´m invited to the launch with drinks?
eyes · 2007-11-12: 10:01
tantatantan wow, i love all the pictures!!
so lovely and beautiful...
tantatantan · 2007-11-12: 10:06
????? Great work ! Bravo!
????? · 2007-11-12: 11:03
photopoet A fantasy for the child in every adult. Beautifully rendered.
photopoet · 2007-11-12: 11:43
????? Excellent set! Storytaylor does it again! Let's do business! I'll be rich with your style! ;)
????? · 2007-11-12: 11:46
MHJphotos Excellent! Great teamwork!
MHJphotos · 2007-11-12: 11:54
Richard master at work indeed, great post.
Richard · 2007-11-12: 13:11
????? Great wisdom a celebrant could not have done better I adore the story and the pictures make it a wonderful teaching.
Excellent merci

????? · 2007-11-12: 14:20
????? so creative!
????? · 2007-11-12: 14:26
fionarobinson wow, great set love #6 and the last one best
fionarobinson · 2007-11-12: 14:33
LampadaMervelha Great imagination. Artistic. Unique.
LampadaMervelha · 2007-11-12: 14:39
carmitage Absolutely beautiful. Your world is a fairytale
thank you for sharing it
carmitage · 2007-11-12: 14:51
vollenda I love your worlds, both visually and in words. Fantastic set! The last is my favorite too. If I go thru that door, will I find the places you see?
vollenda · 2007-11-12: 15:24
Ikuszka Perfect, I like this set a lot. Great work.
Ikuszka · 2007-11-12: 15:41
eljapa a wonderful and impressive post. I do not understand every word but i get the overall meaning. Have to go study english again, its been a while...
eljapa · 2007-11-12: 15:53
natasa7 ohhh your endless creative fantasy!!
natasa7 · 2007-11-12: 16:00
ronin53 :-)
ronin53 · 2007-11-12: 16:51
KC727 Wow excellent, masterpiece:))
KC727 · 2007-11-12: 17:12
Karibbean great set!!
Karibbean · 2007-11-12: 19:35
????? You are creating your own world and it is beautiful
????? · 2007-11-12: 20:36
LisetteT Great set.
Les couleurs sont magnifiques.
LisetteT · 2007-11-12: 21:33
lennonf Fantastic great set The last shot is my favourite
lennonf · 2007-11-12: 22:51
maharba It's endless....your fantasies..
maharba · 2007-11-12: 23:25
Yanko So artistic! Good job!
Yanko · 2007-11-13: 13:00
longimanus Huuuh!!! I have spent about a half an hour enlarging each of the above images to be able to read and understand the story... and after the last one I`ve realized the whole text can be read below!!! (I am blond, very blond). I knew you cant be that nasty to make us read them image by image... As I mentioned earlier, you should be very successful as book illustrator... and a story writer too! Full of fantasy! And an important message... I think without hope we would give up, this is what brings one further!
longimanus · 2007-11-13: 13:51
natural wow beautiful i don't read again but the last one is my favorite
natural · 2007-11-13: 15:02
beverage22 The last one is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!
beverage22 · 2007-11-13: 19:18
mariovirga In bocca la lupo!! Good luck!! Your world is fantastic!
mariovirga · 2007-11-14: 09:44
RozariaSBanned FAR OUT! :)
RozariaSBanned · 2007-11-14: 13:14
nadoune Great shots !good work ..congrats!!!
nadoune · 2007-11-14: 17:44
SilkeHoltmann Is this my surprise ???????
A story - finally my personal story ??
I`ll save it my friend - but I need more time to translate it, with my horrible english!!
This will be my job for this weekend...

SilkeHoltmann · 2007-11-15: 07:50
felipeadiers I love the colors!
felipeadiers · 2007-11-15: 13:37
JacquesR Great job.
JacquesR · 2007-11-16: 10:26
jendayee One day... I hope to be as creative ! :)))
Wonderful work ! Thanks again !
Vous nous donnez envie d'être meilleurs !
jendayee · 2007-11-17: 08:41
Genevieve Love the last one!
Genevieve · 2007-11-17: 13:02
TIM927 I showed this post to my child,,,he told me,,mum,,will you buy me that book??? ;)
TIM927 · 2007-11-19: 05:27
rolpa Beautiful!
rolpa · 2007-11-19: 20:59
Cabecilha BrainStory & StoryTaylor! :)

FAB partnership!
Cabecilha · 2007-11-20: 12:34
emmetan wow.... love the no 2, 9 and the last one... great imagination
emmetan · 2007-11-20: 18:53
jonrake what a great fantasy story! Incredible images
jonrake · 2007-11-26: 14:41
? Fantastic story
? · 2009-02-17: 13:19
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