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*Victoria Peak Hong Kong*

The Peak Tram terminal
The visit started and ended in this station where we bought two-way journey tickets.
The tram ride is like less than 10 minutes...Seriously, I wanted it to be longer, the view is just great while inside the tram and the ride is like a mild roller coaster hehe ^_^
The Peak Tower
This prominent skyline is located at an elevation of ~400m and the observatory deck offers a better view of Hong Kong. Lovely!
The city side of HK...tall and fancy buildings, lightings should be classic at night!awww that should be a great capture...
The nature side...^_^ I like this side better, relaxing!
This mountain has an altitude of 552m making it the highest mountain in the western half of HK and is listed as one of the major tourist attractions. I'd say it is indeed a MUST see place in Hong Kong ^_^

These are some memorabilias when my friends and I visited The PEAK...
lookwhatisaw Number one is impressive: I like the metallic shine and your angle. I used to love watching new buildings go up on Hong Kong island. There always seemed to be something being built. When I lived in Happy Valley, I watched them building the new Bank of China building. What an awesome city. And Victoria Peak and the tram !! Steep!
lookwhatisaw · 2012-01-29: 03:02
kopisusu Awesome set. #2 gives one the "Waaaah" effect. Congrates !
kopisusu · 2012-01-29: 03:06
marilynx Like them all!
marilynx · 2012-01-29: 03:43
davids Looks like a great view over the harbour
davids · 2012-01-29: 04:06
bikashgupta nice set...#1 is really nice...has such a dramatic effect...well done!!!
bikashgupta · 2012-01-29: 08:24
lookagain Love how you started and ended the set with "height!" All wonderful shots....#s 1 and 4 "angled" very effectively!!
lookagain · 2012-01-29: 08:45
sweetspy thanks everyone for the feedbacks!just felt great toread them as always :)
sweetspy · 2012-01-29: 08:50
ArtBee Thanks for the running commentary along with your beautifully photographed
journey! I especially like the shot of the tracks under the bridge shot......
Very nicely done Julie!
ArtBee · 2012-01-29: 08:57
digitalideas Cool shots i like #1 odd angle, #2 suberb
digitalideas · 2012-01-29: 21:03
slowpete some very nice photos in this set
esp like the angle of #1
slowpete · 2012-01-29: 23:46
StevenBerry i love the 1st shot....=)
StevenBerry · 2012-01-30: 03:01
mazpics Fantastic shots. I really love Hong Kong...can't wait to go back. I love the angle of the first one. :))))
mazpics · 2012-01-30: 04:37
Nukke Oh wow !!!! This is so interesting to see so interesting and different places !!!

so different from my surroundings :)
Nukke · 2012-01-31: 11:39
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