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ArtBee · 2014-09-02: 16:03
Reply ⇔ Peace
Great capture.....
Thank you...
Yokai · 2014-08-31: 09:40
Reply ⇔ Snapshots 2
I closed my eyes and I was at #3...great set
Thank you so much for your nice comment !
Yokai · 2014-08-24: 10:19
Reply ⇔ Snapshots
No 6 amazes me....the snow is that deep? and no 5 reminds me of my woodpile :) nice shots
Thanks for your comment as always. It snows a lot in Japan Sea coast areas.

Yokai · 2014-08-19: 09:47
Wow...great range on that lens...I like how you started out and kept zooming in...great series...
Thank you so much for your kind words !
Yokai · 2014-08-16: 03:09
Reply ⇔ Shibuike Pond
Beautiful work....love the mountains.....peaceful.....
Thank you very much !
leanderthal · 2014-08-13: 16:43
Reply ⇔ Free the way
I know what you mean by the tripod thing....I'm the same way....would rather hang upside down to balance the camera on something then use it....lol. Great shot....
hang upside down? now there's a picture! thanks for the compliment :)
McMommy · 2014-08-04: 18:53
Great series....I still have to get over the anxiety of street photography...lol
Thank you! You can do it, I promise you... I am the most introverted person I've ever met, and I can did it... with the ever present encouragement of these friends... I feel like I can do anything.
EvaLizette · 2014-08-04: 05:07
Thank you :)
Yokai · 2014-08-02: 18:36
Reply ⇔ Fireworks 2014
Great shots....I 've been wanting to shoot some myself (pics not fireworks lol) for a while, but never get around to it. Did you set the shutter speeds manually, or were they auto? Seems like the 3 second mark was about right. Thanks for sharing....
Thank you so much. I used a release switch to control shutter speed. It's very helpful when I take pictures of waterfalls, stars, fireworks and so on. Btw, I chose wrong ISO. I thought I had chose 100 but accidentally I chose 400. I couldn't take brighter fireworks.
deianeira · 2014-08-01: 19:08
Great shots...(and love the title....and THAT commercial! LOL)
Thank you, I'm so glad you recognized where that came from! That commercial cracks me up every time.