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Eiram · 2015-08-16: 11:22
Reply ⇔ Forests
Is #8 a place where you had to worship in secrecy? I'm thinking of what happened in Ireland centuries ago where they had to worship at "Mass Rocks". None the less, a beautiful scene for worship. Thanks for sharing...
You would find many such places deep in the forests and along the roads in the countryside, in the middle of the fields - some of the crosses are very old - people used to built them on places where something extraordinary happened (they had a vission or were saved while praying during a heavy storm, near some of them you would find healing wells....it is a miracle in itself that the crosses survived the communist regime and we can only guess how many did not survive...) Thank you for your kind comment!
Yokai · 2015-06-26: 22:27
#3 my fav....
Thank you, Tom ! Have a nice weekend !
Yokai · 2015-06-16: 00:42
Hard to pick a fav....thanks for sharing
Thank you so much !
popparatzee · 2015-06-02: 18:43
I'm "puzzled" on how you did that first shot....great work!
Actually, I had the television playing off to the side to get the reflection :)
Yokai · 2015-05-27: 20:17
great work....
Thank you for your continued support !
Yokai · 2015-05-22: 20:50
Yes #6 my fav also.....
Thanks a lot, my friend !
Yokai · 2015-05-14: 23:22
Reply ⇔ Kana
I have been enjoying your photos my friend, glad I'm able to tell you this. Thank you for sharing!
Thank you so much ! I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting so long.
deianeira · 2015-04-22: 12:16
Are the "Flying Nuns" planted in Sally's Fields?...lol nice shots!
Thank you! For the compliment, and for always running with my jokes! Good one!
borogovoi · 2015-04-15: 09:42
great photos...love the last one....
Thank you so much my dear friend .... ;o)
NellyBly · 2015-04-14: 20:21
Love that last one...:)
Thank you very much! :-))