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March 4th- the only day that is a "command" ;-)

Yesterday was my birthday. It's become a tradition that I take the day off work on my birthday, if I can, and I go to Lush and buy myself presents ;-).
I wanted a face mask- they were out of my usual Catasprophe Cosmetic, so I bought some Sacred Truth.
These bath bombs are called "Happy Pills", I think- scented with lovely notes of citrus meant to put you in a good mood.
Demon in the Dark soap- one of my faves- minty and fresh.
Some sort of bubble bomb- can't remember the name, but smelled nice so I bought one. We have a whirlpool tub, so a small chunk of this stuff goes a long way to fabulous bubbles.
Self portrait with mask on. ;-)
Okay, so we were meant to get together with some friends we hadn't seen in awhile, but I wasn't sure if I'd be going to the hospital last night to see my bro, and then Paul worked late.
Because of the situation, neither one of us was feeling particularly social enough to get together with 20 people, only 2 of which we actually know, and by this time, it was getting later anyway, so we opted to eat out at a restaurant closer to our house that we had yet to try.
Little did we realize it would be yet another delicious gourmet treat.
I had the black cod with truffle cream sauce and house made squid ink pasta (or something like that).
It was soooo gooood, I felt like licking the dish when I was done.
My birthday, after all, so I had dessert- "chocolate pate" accompanyed by a bunch of fancy sounding stuff.
We've eaten out more this week than we have almost all winter.
Here's where we ate:

I feel a little bad about sort of blowing our friends off- I sent a "we probably won't make it" email ahead of time and telling her about the situation with my brother.
Really, a nice, quiet dinner with Paul was about all I was up to last evening.
(I'm going to see my brother later today)
Tulpje I'm glad you enjoyed your bday. Hope good news will come soon for you and your family.
Tulpje · 2009-03-04: 09:21
Sonic7 Happy birthday to you. I also never work on my birthday. Hope you enjoyed your day.
Sonic7 · 2009-03-04: 11:13
websterella That's a nice way to spend a birthday...covered in goop. The chocolate pate sounds devine.
websterella · 2009-03-04: 11:17
SoulCurry Glad you had a good birthday, Beth. Chocolate pate? What's that?
SoulCurry · 2009-03-04: 11:38
Oweena Squid ink pasta is the best!

Good wishes for your bro.
Oweena · 2009-03-04: 12:06
megaera And lmao at the post title.
megaera · 2009-03-04: 12:19
bouds March forth! Good one! The food looks wonderful.
bouds · 2009-03-04: 15:15
Stav1 Happy birthday! Mmm, those bath bombs look like candy:-)

Hope your brother is doing better today.
Stav1 · 2009-03-04: 16:59
scicaro Happy Birthday
scicaro · 2009-03-04: 17:02
chrisbuchan happy late birthday
chrisbuchan · 2009-03-07: 11:17
DutchCookie happy belated birthday and the food looks gorgeous
DutchCookie · 2009-03-15: 16:30
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