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August 2- assorted Sunday stuff

Went to the big downtown farmer's market today. I bought an eggplant/aubergine. Not this one. I had to take a picture of it though! Look- it has a little nose :-) (or a willy, depending on how dirty a mind you have ;-) ).
This gal was ahead of me in line at Humpty Dumpty's omelets. Her earrings were classic- big door knocker gold hoops that said "Apple Bottom" in the middle. (annotated).
How's this for makin' your own fun? This kid was passing the time in the back of this truck by building stuff with empty paper containers.
Speaking of making your own fun- I made Paul and me a batch of pina coladas. Not sure why- I just had a hankerin'.
Also made home made eggplant paramsean with tomato sauce I made with tomatoes and herbs from our garden, and the eggplant from the Farmer's Market. Not diet food at all ;-) , but at least I breaded the eggplant slices with organic flour and wheat breadcrumbs and local egg, and fried them in heart healthy canola oil- oh, and I put them on a bed of whole wheat spaghetti.

I layered the spaghetti with some sauce on the bottom and topped with the fried eggplant slices, more sauce, chiffonaded basil,...
then topped with parmasean cheese and mozzarella, then popped it in the oven.
Here it is all done. Damn tasty and plenty of leftovers for lunches this week. I also sauteed some Italian kale with garlic and olive oil for a little somethin' green to go with this.
That, and a headache (now gone, thankfully) this afternoon, the Sunday New York Times and this was pretty much my Sunday.
lolasf MizB, you make lovely food. That looks so good, I'm nearly inspired to try making it myself.
lolasf · 2009-08-02: 21:06
MelanieO Looks delicious - and what the heck does "Apple Bottom" mean?
MelanieO · 2009-08-02: 22:26
Oweena Now I've got the Apple Bottom Jeans song stuck in my head.

She had them Apple Bottom Jeans,
Boots with the fur
The whole club, lookin' at her...
Oweena · 2009-08-02: 22:49
????? hehe, I've got a dirty mind. Your eggplant parmesan looks delicious.
????? · 2009-08-02: 23:44
phona I love eggplant parmesan. That looks really good!
phona · 2009-08-03: 02:49
poppyg my daughters and I are 100% off eggplant meals. One year my husband grew some, we had eggplant meals until we were well and truly over eggplant. Yours does look yummy though.
poppyg · 2009-08-03: 03:57
Stav1 What Oweena said! It'll be stuck in my head all day;-)
Stav1 · 2009-08-03: 06:10
????? Mmmmm....that looks delish!! And what is up with those earrings?? I think this is the female equivalent of getting LOMPOC tattooed across your forehead!
????? · 2009-08-03: 10:04
websterella I don't get the giant earring thing, but the pina coladas look yum
websterella · 2009-08-03: 11:53
truenic Nice Apple Bottom shot. How did you sneak that one?
Melanie-Apple Bottom=badonka donk. Booty.
I need you to teach me to cook MizB!
truenic · 2009-08-03: 15:34
moxxxie The eggplant looks yummy espeically with homemade sauce.
moxxxie · 2009-08-03: 19:24
snkysally Gar - that song is now stuck in MY head too! I wish you'd bought the one with the willy. Or would you have felt too guilty chopping it off? :)
snkysally · 2009-08-04: 14:16
Gallivant I want eggplant parm now - looks delicious.
Gallivant · 2009-08-05: 20:15
thisismizb nic- I pretended to take a picture past her ;-) apple bottom- bottom cheeks that look like apples :-)
thisismizb · 2009-08-05: 23:24
Tulpje Good to know the eggplant with a nose was good for something.
Tulpje · 2009-08-06: 14:20
DutchCookie what Fandy said :-)
DutchCookie · 2009-08-07: 00:59
SoulCurry The eggplant dish looks superrrr.
SoulCurry · 2009-08-07: 23:23
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