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The Library of Babel

When it was proclaimed that the Library contained all books, the first impression was one of extravagant happiness. All men felt themselves to be the masters of an intact and secret treasure. There was no personal or world problem whose eloquent solution did not exist in some hexagon. The universe was justified, the universe suddenly usurped the unlimited dimensions of hope. At that time a great deal was said about the Vindications: books of apology and prophecy which vindicated for all time the acts of every man in the universe and retained prodigious arcana for his future. Thousands of the greedy abandoned their sweet native hexagons and rushed up the stairways, urged on by the vain intention of finding their Vindication. These pilgrims disputed in the narrow corridors, proferred dark curses, strangled each other on the divine stairways, flung the deceptive books into the air shafts, met their death cast down in a similar fashion by the inhabitants of remote regions. Others went mad ... The Vindications exist (I have seen two which refer to persons of the future, to persons who are perhaps not imaginary) but the searchers did not remember that the possibility of a man's finding his Vindication, or some treacherous variation thereof, can be computed as zero.

~ Jorge Luis Borges

The book in the photographs is Edward Tufte's Envisioning Information. Tufte is a hero of mine, and the book is one of the most beautiful in existence. A true work of art, based on its design alone, and the content is phenomenal as well.
mugsycat I love the focus on the books. The texture on 2 & 3 is amazing. Really great job.
mugsycat · 2007-02-07: 11:13
Jannie The photographs are beautiful! #2 & #3 look like microscope pictures. Love the sepia, really sets off the old book theme.
Jannie · 2007-02-07: 11:38
naebegirl I love the pictures and how you put them together. great job.
naebegirl · 2007-02-07: 13:48
JuliaGotz Unique, complex, mind bending.
JuliaGotz · 2007-02-07: 20:48
photopoet Ah. Bravo. First the quote and then the sepia tone photos that are like a thread weaving it all together. Beautiful.
photopoet · 2007-02-07: 21:37
moonunit80 Great focus- and I love the sepia.
moonunit80 · 2007-02-07: 22:16
muffins wow amazing pictures
muffins · 2007-02-08: 11:03
22sergio good capture and colors is amazing and nice blur.
22sergio · 2007-02-08: 15:22
????? gorgeous, as usual...
????? · 2007-02-08: 20:42
Nevil These photos are great, especially the first one.
Nevil · 2007-02-09: 22:41
jorgen Great choice of text to accompany your set!
jorgen · 2007-02-10: 01:47
dynah like a poem love no. 33333 woww great set too spire
dynah · 2007-02-10: 01:51
iustinium i really like the usage duotone here. great stuff.
iustinium · 2007-02-10: 14:47
crabalocker Spechless. Too good for words.
crabalocker · 2007-02-11: 18:17
Leicaroque Terriffic series.
Leicaroque · 2007-02-12: 10:26
the12thdude You can almost smell the air old books radiate around you, this is underlined by the wood you've paired it with. Very nice selection..
the12thdude · 2007-02-13: 13:57
deaquipalla Fantastic work to save in.
deaquipalla · 2007-02-13: 16:55
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