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Roasted Garbonza Beans

Next time, I think I will flavor with dill, garlic and Johnny's seasoning salt.
This is for SoyLatte!!

These are a very delicious, healthy, guilt-free snack. By adding different spices, you can have many different flavors.

Start off with rinsing and draining 2 cans of garbonza beans. Let drain thoroughly. Put into a bowl, and add 1 TBSP oil, and any combination of spices you want. I use garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, seasoning salt and a touch of cayenne. Don't be afraid to overspice, as it will be less flavorful as it bakes. Spread on a cookie sheet, bake for 30 minutes @ 325, then turn it up to 400 and bake and additional 20 mintes, turning ever so often. Some will turn dark, (usually the smaller ones) but that's ok, they're still good.

You could use cinnamon/sugar, curry, use your imagination. Some people have used ginger. Around the holidays, pumpkin pie spice with clove, allspice, etc would be a treat.

Just remember to over spice, or they will be bland after cooking.
SoyLatte mmm. yummy. this might sound weird but "old bay" might be good. i like the sound of your chili combo too. i'm going to try it on my next off day! thanks.
SoyLatte · 2008-09-20: 23:18
DodgePhotography sounds good.
DodgePhotography · 2008-09-25: 14:57
davidcardona So warm and delicious post!
davidcardona · 2008-10-03: 11:59
Jacquelyn I love ALL your posts, so just wanted to say it once!
Jacquelyn · 2008-10-11: 20:43
Aydan My hubby loves these! A very big snack item in Pakistan.
Aydan · 2008-10-14: 15:56
KStevens I just made these the other day and they go awesome in a salad as well. Thanks for the recipe!
KStevens · 2008-10-15: 08:32
????? Could you use any bean for this? I don't like the taste of garbanzos, but love the idea of this and I like all other beans...
????? · 2008-10-17: 12:55
????? I have made these ..I love them !
????? · 2008-10-18: 09:48
????? great photo
????? · 2008-10-18: 15:08
ellie do you refridge after you bake or leave them out???
ellie · 2009-03-29: 23:36
veganess Ellie, I've never had them last!! I usually have them gone in no time, but I'd probably just keep it in a covered container.
veganess · 2009-04-02: 11:56
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