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alantan1982 · 2009-04-18: 12:16
Reply ⇔ Sepet?
Great photoshoot. I especially like the first one :)
JanetLippincott · 2009-04-18: 02:08
Looks like that little toad isn't the ONLY thing stopping in the middle of the street, to think! I can only imagine coming upon a woman laying face down in the middle of the road, with a camera, staring face on with a toad. What a sight that would've been :)
What we do for a photo! Luckily it was the middle of the night and I had road barriers up so probably nobody got to see the image you describe, thankfully!
JanetLippincott · 2009-04-18: 02:06
What a wonderful array of life to see on your walk!! The first picture is so pretty, it looks like a painting. And those turtles, how cute are they!!!!
I agree; the turtles are wonderful. They must have been enjoying the sun immensely because usually when I get close enough to photograph them, they slip back into the marsh. They are very shy.
catdad · 2009-04-16: 19:55
Reply ⇔ Life Flight
Whenever I see an ambulance, I think "today, someone's life will be forever changed. In fact, many people will be effected." I imagine more so with an air ambulance.
Thank you for the comment!! And you are very right about lives being forever changed. cd
KStevens · 2009-04-15: 08:46
KStevens Hmmm can your other account befriend me? I don't know how to look people up on here! Or just tell me how if you know... it shouldn't be that hard but for some reason I can't exactly find it!
TheCrazyCroat · 2009-04-14: 23:56
TheCrazyCroat Two guys. Jerks. I got out of my car and left my two of my kids in my burb on the hwy to make sure they were ok.

I got sore about an hour after the wreck, but it was gone the next day. So far so good.
catdad · 2009-03-20: 11:43
I know how that is.....I usually hit a train either on my way to work, or on my way home from work, as the tracks run all the way thru one town into the other.
Thanks for the reply. cd
alantan1982 · 2009-03-20: 06:09
Looks good, what's iinside?
BBQ flavored minced pork... crunchy crust with delicious fillings
alantan1982 · 2009-03-20: 06:07
I love this shot!!
glad you like them... thank
alantan1982 · 2009-03-16: 06:23
Reply ⇔ Delicious....
Looks great!! Did you do these?
Erm.... unfortunately no.... ha ha ha