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Tobiasz · 2015-01-17: 19:06
Tobiasz zgadza się :)
Oweena · 2014-12-24: 23:00
Reply ⇔ Happy Place
why do you go to ireland so much ? family? or you just like it
No family, just a place I feel at home.
borogovoi · 2014-12-13: 12:26
Thank you so much !!! ;o)
revenant · 2014-12-13: 03:44
Reply ⇔ Downtime
there are still red leaves in normandy? here ( vancouver) the bright ones are gone end of october. i think.
Three left on the tree
mimax2 · 2014-12-07: 17:56
mimax2 zostawiono wszystkie tabliczki z nazwą ulicy - miasto zmieniało je na przestrzeni dziejów. pozdrawiam!
revenant · 2014-11-29: 01:42
revenant But, as I seem to remember, you have very pretty legs. Oh well, can't have everything...
revenant · 2014-11-28: 13:44
Reply ⇔ Wrecking crew
i am not sure. she doesnt grab me. not her eyes nor her body. and her body is very nice yes, but weird in the same time. it is not the lack of perfection - kind of like almost perfect really but not inviting. i imagine a sour smell, maybe a day old alcohol, maybe some metabolic byproduct sme...
That's a rather harsh comment! Don't worry: I don't take offence and the model won't read it and anyway, the fault is the photographer's (mine), not the model's. I think the fact that I messed this one up also says that I didn't "get" her either.
revenant · 2014-11-28: 13:41
where was this taken?
In a former abbey outside Paris that has been converted for corporate retreats (and weddings).
revenant · 2014-11-14: 04:01
looks like you removed half of that tattoo - or my eyes fail me.
I like the first image. her skin seems wonderful to touch.
what makes the image look photoshoped is how her hip looks bigger above her forearm. like one of those images of a spoon in a glass of water.
Well, it is heavily photoshopped, but the only thing that actually was natural now looks out of place! Thanks for the visit and comment.
NellyBly · 2014-08-22: 21:37
Reply ⇔ Snakes!
i like them... i have two corn snakes like that orange one in the first photo
Thank you! It was really stunning.