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Study in Curves - Sepia

Ok, this is the last set in my study of the lily curves. For now, anyway. I really wanted to do a set in b&w but it just didn't feel right. I added the sepia tone and then I was happy. :) This is the same flower as the first set on Monday, just pulled back a little.

By the way, the setup for these (and for most of my flower shots) is all done on one of my kitchen chairs, in front of the slider, with a black board leaning against the back of the chair for a background. It can be iffy since Spike likes to push on the board and he's knocked flowers over before. I also have to watch how the light hits the board because it can turn it grey. Which isn't bad unless it's uneven across the background. I also have a blue board and both boards can be flipped over to white. I usually end up shooting black though.

All taken with my D200, 70-180 macro, and tripod @100 ISO.
1- 180mm 1/3 sec @ F20
2 - 135mm 1/2.5 sec @ F22
3 - 135mm 1/1.3 sec @ F22
4 - 135mm 1/2.5 sec @ F22
Carley again, such pure beauty! I'm in awe.
I wondered how you set these up....thanks for the info.
What is a slider?
Carley · 2007-04-11: 00:16
adkovach great set...
I like the contrast in black and white...
adkovach · 2007-04-11: 00:17
youlookmahvelous Very nicely done.
youlookmahvelous · 2007-04-11: 00:33
Fasterbit I hope this continue...:)
Fasterbit · 2007-04-11: 06:12
chipotle *smile

today you are channeling mapplethorpe. these are so very elegant and beautiful. i agree with fasterbit. this series should continue.
chipotle · 2007-04-11: 08:56
????? Beautifully composed and shot!
????? · 2007-04-11: 09:45
SheriJ awesome!!
SheriJ · 2007-04-11: 14:19
mugsycat Wow! Beautiful shots.
mugsycat · 2007-04-11: 17:21
LisetteT Wow! MaGniFiQue.
Anglais ou français peu importe. C'est toujours un plaisir de te lire et admirer tes photos.
LisetteT · 2007-04-11: 17:29
raghavenderb4u lovely shot....luks a dancer dancing.....

n thanks for the explanation..of the settin..really helps buddin..photographers like me...
raghavenderb4u · 2007-04-11: 17:32
vollenda Thanks. :) And merci, Lisette. :)

I'm glad the set up info helps. It was my friend, G, who got me to do that.
vollenda · 2007-04-11: 17:50
magpy very elegant, and very beautiful
magpy · 2007-04-11: 19:04
photopoet Spectacular photos. I love them all.
photopoet · 2007-04-11: 19:59
captingeye well nice job... impressive
captingeye · 2007-04-11: 21:41
Jannie So Spike doesn't eat lilys for some reason? I don't see any kitty bite marks in your shots. Kinda weird!
Jannie · 2007-04-12: 01:57
vollenda There were some bite marks in one of them but for the most part, he left them alone. I guess they weren't as tasty as the leaves. He won't get the chance again since I gave the plant to my grandfather!
vollenda · 2007-04-12: 02:05
rmjannette your lillies are really lucious & beautiful
rmjannette · 2007-04-12: 11:52
aggiechristine I love the fabulous details like the veins through the flowers. Wonderfully captured.
aggiechristine · 2007-04-14: 20:32
flemspar great set
flemspar · 2007-04-16: 20:08
kobachenko ouch. again. wow.
kobachenko · 2007-04-19: 10:09
Sevendipity Like this series. Sepia produces a softness.
Sevendipity · 2007-05-13: 16:36
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