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I'm A BAD Mom

GQ Spike
Oh, the indignity!
Please help me!
I know what you're thinking - "oh, no she didn't!".

Yes, yes I did. I couldn't help it. It seemed like fate when I saw this little tie at Target on Sunday (only $1.99 - well worth it). A cat tie? With flowers? I had to buy it! Right? I thought for sure Spike would hate it. But after a few misgiving on his part (and trying to eat it without success), he seemed resigned to the new look. Poor thing. :)

Taken with my Coolpix S50.

P.S. I know I said it would be Spike Fridays and tomorrow will still be another Spike Post (wildcat!). I couldn't wait any longer for this one. :P
lamoon53 He looks real spiffy in his tie!
lamoon53 · 2007-06-13: 23:33
????? Poor Spike - but he does look cool in his tie, and he should have to do some work for his dinner!
????? · 2007-06-14: 04:25
Soyam just great!!!! really love it!
Soyam · 2007-06-14: 06:10
jet28 Definitely one distinguished cat!
jet28 · 2007-06-14: 07:02
MidsummerSilence #1 is SOOO cute.. he looks quite dashing in that tie. that's so fantastic - i love it!
MidsummerSilence · 2007-06-14: 08:07
Thanuja122 Haha... mommy having some fun :)

Very fun set!
Thanuja122 · 2007-06-14: 09:29
????? ok, I'm not into dressing up animals, but this is really cute. #1-very handsome

????? · 2007-06-14: 09:40
Rigadon Hahaha, poor Spike, lol. You are bad! hehe
Rigadon · 2007-06-14: 09:51
maharba The expression on the first shot really goes with the situation.
maharba · 2007-06-14: 10:01
blur911 Ahhh, it's good that you found a use for a cat. Poor Spike.

blur911 · 2007-06-14: 10:15
anshuad Yeah...I know that look in the last pic hehehe
anshuad · 2007-06-14: 10:25
SheriJ Too KEEE-UTE!!!! Spike is such a good sport.. Looking forward to Friday.
SheriJ · 2007-06-14: 10:32
vollenda Haha, thanks. :) I'm sure he would appreciate the sympathy...if he could read. I keep waiting for him to get even while I sleep!
vollenda · 2007-06-14: 10:39
????? Ugh, kitty clothes. I'm surprised at you Lisa :p

He's best in B$W though, try sepia and see what happens.
????? · 2007-06-14: 11:10
patojejp great set, all tha shots are amazing
patojejp · 2007-06-14: 11:47
storytaylor my heart is melting.gorgeous
storytaylor · 2007-06-14: 12:35
captingeye wow beautiful shots, the cat look very nice hehe
captingeye · 2007-06-14: 13:27
natasa7 poor Spike. you can not do this with him)))He thinks: let my mum play...
but he does not know it is public.
natasa7 · 2007-06-14: 14:14
Carley Oh, the indignity of it all! Poor Spike!!
Carley · 2007-06-14: 15:35
MissNewman Looking very dapper! Brings out the colour in his eyes. lol
MissNewman · 2007-06-14: 16:08
PaulGraham fantastic ver very kool
PaulGraham · 2007-06-14: 16:22
magpy what a good sport!
magpy · 2007-06-14: 16:27
photopoet His expression in photo number one says it all!
photopoet · 2007-06-14: 21:29
????? hahah soooooooo cute. i love it!
????? · 2007-06-14: 23:07
aggiechristine There is a special spot in hell reserved for people who put clothes on animals (I know - my dog has reserved a seat for me in "dogs in bandanas")! With that said, hee hee, funny, indignant shots!
aggiechristine · 2007-06-14: 23:42
vollenda You're probably right :) Still...
vollenda · 2007-06-14: 23:49
Jannie OMG I'm cracking up!! I can hardly type. Too hilarious! Oh the indignity of it all. I can read his little kitty mind.. geez mom, (big sigh) would you just take the shot & take this flipping "costume" off of me???

Spike, on occasion, has the patience of a saint!!!
Thank you so much for a bonus Spike day!! And you were worried about once a week! Glad your muse is back!
Jannie · 2007-06-15: 01:50
ACH365 OMG! I laughed out loud at the GQ Spike and the angry "help me" Spike. I can't judge. I myself have done it to my animals.
ACH365 · 2007-06-15: 09:19
LisetteT Cool.
So cute.
LisetteT · 2007-06-15: 10:32
emmetan Good choice.. spike looks great with it... haha.... i hope spike likes it!!!
emmetan · 2007-06-16: 02:00
jendayee hilarious ! poor Spike ! :)))
jendayee · 2007-06-17: 20:37
Sevendipity The first picture gave me a big smile. You would not succeed with my cat lucky.
Sevendipity · 2007-06-18: 18:43
tcalbaz hahah cats are sooo cute and these photo's only make them cuter!
tcalbaz · 2007-06-19: 15:05
????? that is too cute!! i would love to dress up my dogs but my husband would kill me! :D
????? · 2007-06-21: 21:13
dogziji handsome!
dogziji · 2007-07-29: 02:53
abbeyh13 ha ha!!!!!
love it.
abbeyh13 · 2008-04-03: 22:11
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