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TSC - Spike at Play

Hiding in the jungle
Could be hiding from the tie?
Spike with his comfort mouse
Laugh at me, will ya!
Pretending to be bored
Come in to my parlor
Do I look naked without my tie?
And so The Spike Chronicles (TSC) continue. Today we drop into Spike's world to see how he keeps himself occupied during the day. Well, he sleeps during the day. But he also makes time for play!

It was much harder to catch Spike playing than I thought it would me. Mostly because he doesn't really play with store bought toys unless I'm tossing them to him. He likes to play catch. :) So not what I was hoping for but still fun. I think.

All taken with the SpikeCam - the Coolpix S50 and then converted to b&w.
aggiechristine Spike is a tiger at heart! Love the hiding in the jungle - and the polar opposite shot of him with his comfort mouse!
aggiechristine · 2007-06-14: 23:40
Carley I love your Spike chronicles!!
Carley · 2007-06-15: 00:00
harryOB This whole set is terrific. The first photo is my favorite - really well composed, also liked the picture with the color toy - cool effect.
harryOB · 2007-06-15: 00:54
natasa7 i like best the pretending pic.))haha my cats (and the dogs too) do the same. i love Spike!!!
natasa7 · 2007-06-15: 01:00
????? Wonderful set - worth waiting for! People will be forming a Spike fan club soon.
????? · 2007-06-15: 01:11
Jannie I volunteer to be Spike's #1 fan!! I love love love this cat!! TSC crack me up. Buckwheat's favorite toy is the Shotgun News. Seriously. It's a weekly newspaper for gun enthusiasts (a future post I'm sure). It's something about the ink or the paper that must smell like catnip. Cats go nuts! I'll have to send Spike a copy. AWESOME post!!!!
Jannie · 2007-06-15: 01:57
Godin lovely cat....
Godin · 2007-06-15: 01:59
Rigadon I really like the look of Spike, ever alert and eyes full of mischief :o). I like the 7th and 8th the best, though the whole set is good
Rigadon · 2007-06-15: 02:47
????? What a nice cat !
????? · 2007-06-15: 03:13
jet28 Comfort mice?!! Spike is one lucky cat!
jet28 · 2007-06-15: 09:05
ACH365 You make me want another cat. I love the one with him peeking at you through the feathers. What a character!
ACH365 · 2007-06-15: 09:17
SheriJ What a cat!!! He has such a big body and short legs.. WOW what a cat though..Where did you ever find such a cat?? He is way kool!! such an awesome face... I bet you could just hug him all day long??
The tie is definetly Spike!! lol
SheriJ · 2007-06-15: 09:47
LisetteT Funny set.
LisetteT · 2007-06-15: 10:31
????? Great job with the 1st set, Also great use of selective color with the toy, i like the translucene of it.

Spike needs his mouse after you made him wear a tie.
????? · 2007-06-15: 10:32
vollenda I adpoted Spike when he was about 18 months old. He belonged to my cousin who was getting married and her husband is alergic to cats. I do sometimes grab him and give him a big hug but he usually ends up biting me!

Thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoy his pics.
vollenda · 2007-06-15: 10:51
MissNewman Man, he's such a badass!
Love his 'pretending to be bored' pose.
MissNewman · 2007-06-15: 14:28
magpy these are darling - especially the first one
magpy · 2007-06-15: 19:17
emmetan spike still looks good without the tie : )
emmetan · 2007-06-16: 01:59
rolpa What a character!
rolpa · 2007-06-16: 04:34
????? the eye in pic 1 is wicked :)
????? · 2007-06-16: 05:10
dquixote Well done! I like the b&w effect. The little splash of color in #5 is great.
dquixote · 2007-06-16: 10:34
photopoet · 2007-06-16: 16:20
anniepie very nice
anniepie · 2007-06-16: 23:08
maharba Spike-Cam is cool...I like how you mixed the black and white with color..
maharba · 2007-06-17: 12:31
miclaud Oh! Spike!!! You are so cute! Bravo Vollenda for making us share these moments. Great captures!!!
miclaud · 2007-06-17: 19:18
jendayee Funny set ! big cat too ! I love the little spot of color that came on the 7th "parlor" one...
jendayee · 2007-06-17: 20:36
MidsummerSilence these are so great! Spike is the most photogenic cat i've ever seen! and I simply adore the entire TSC series! and tell hi I don't think he looks naked without his tie - just give me the impression it's casual friday, :)
MidsummerSilence · 2007-06-17: 23:24
Yanko Loved the second one!
Yanko · 2007-06-18: 14:46
Gallo great set!!!!!
Gallo · 2007-06-18: 15:12
whitelilith The first two are a pure photo treat! Go Spike, go Spike...
whitelilith · 2007-06-20: 04:10
????? great set!
????? · 2007-06-21: 21:12
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