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TSC - Crazy Cat Lady

Rolling around because he's so happy to be outside.
Trying to look pitiful thru the screen so I'll let him back in.
Forget it. No photos!
Can you believe she tortures me like this?
I think I hear something...
Help! Send a rescue team!
I will save you!
The Bird Watcher
Spike's life is a routine. When I get home from work. I have to greet him, feed him, and then let him out on the balcony. He loves to be out on the balcony when the weather is nice. Heaven forbid I should put him out there and then close the screen though. Then he cries like a pitiful creature.

This week, I was trying to capture his nosiness while he's out on the balcony and he was NOT cooperating. I had closed the screen so he couldn't come back in and he wasn't a happy camper. There I am downstairs, calling him, cajoling him, begging him to look thru the slats of the balcony to take his picture. And would he cooperate? Oh NO. Not him. My neighbors were asking me why he was crying? Why I was taking pictures of him? What was he doing? How old was he that he was crying like a baby? I'm thinking - "great, now my neighbors think I'm nuts". The Crazy Cat Lady. Maybe they already thought that.

AND then, my neighbor lets her dog out and she barks and immediately he's looking out at her. Darn that cat. They are friends you see. He sits in the window and she sits on the patio and they spend hours looking at each other. Who knows what they talk about. :)

Oh yeah, she has a feeder too and he likes to watch the hummingbirds flit all about. It's better than cable.

Stats - D200 w/ 70-300 VR lens, ISO 400.
Carley Love these shots! I can't remember who said they didn't know if cats had expressions, but if anyone does remember, please refer them to this site!!
Carley · 2007-06-29: 00:43
Ed1973 I really like number 3 - the aloof look on the cats face and the composition is cool!
Ed1973 · 2007-06-29: 01:22
rolpa Fabulous pictures. What a character!
rolpa · 2007-06-29: 02:00
vmathewk So cute... very nice set
vmathewk · 2007-06-29: 02:36
????? Love his dead pan expression as in #4 - great set and narrative!
????? · 2007-06-29: 03:09
Soyam incredibly beautifull :-) The Bird Watcher is the best!
Soyam · 2007-06-29: 04:54
????? How nice !
????? · 2007-06-29: 04:58
Rigadon what a fabulous story and set. I applaud you!
Rigadon · 2007-06-29: 05:07
jet28 He's such a character ;-)
jet28 · 2007-06-29: 07:12
MidsummerSilence these are awesome and YAY for the TSC! These are all great and i love the "forget it no photos' shot. the presentation in the last one is great. it's nice to see them in color too!
MidsummerSilence · 2007-06-29: 08:20
Burstmode If your neighbour thinks your nuts, show him/her the captured well the life of a cat.
Burstmode · 2007-06-29: 08:53
SheriJ WOO-HOO it is SPIKE Friday!!! Awesome just Awesome!!! Gosh I can't even pick a favorite!! the last is way kool with all the snaps grouped!! WOW you did a Superb job this week even if Spike was not going to help you out!! What an awesome cat!!! #4 makes me want to go pick him up!! Poor pititful guy!! :)
SheriJ · 2007-06-29: 09:49
RozariaSBanned this is a labour of love :)
RozariaSBanned · 2007-06-29: 10:18
PaulGraham aww wow sooo cute
PaulGraham · 2007-06-29: 13:48
Rasadesign nice carzy cat....
I love the 4th one....
Rasadesign · 2007-06-29: 13:49
vollenda Thanks everyone. I'm glad you enjoy The Spike Chronicles. Makes it worth it that my neighbors think I'm nuts. :)
vollenda · 2007-06-29: 15:33
MissNewman #3's great! He's such a little poser!
MissNewman · 2007-06-29: 16:06
nadoune extraordinary shots of cat!!! I Totally love!!!
nadoune · 2007-06-29: 19:48
????? funny story and great shots! i always wonder what animals are talking about! what happened to spike's tie??
????? · 2007-06-30: 01:07
vollenda Thanks!

I take it off when he goes out on the balcony because it has a white collar and he really does roll around a lot. I should find him a dark one so I won't have to worry about it getting dirty. :)
vollenda · 2007-06-30: 01:11
ACH365 GREAT series! Oh, how I love Spike. Number three is my favorite. Sorry he tortured you - or at least made you pay for this set.
ACH365 · 2007-06-30: 14:27
Jannie Spike does a very dignified oh poor pitiful me look!! Too funny! You capture him so well, and by so doing you capture the catitude of so many others. Fluffy is too funny. It cracks me up to think of how much entertainment they give to each other!
Jannie · 2007-07-01: 01:04
emmetan ar.... i like the last one... also the 3-6
emmetan · 2007-07-01: 04:01
xserka Very creative!
xserka · 2007-07-01: 17:24
tcalbaz this is waaaaaay cute : )
tcalbaz · 2007-07-02: 15:26
dogziji is definitely SO much better than cable...
i think i'm falling in love with spike...
dogziji · 2007-07-23: 22:36
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