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On Your Left

Have you ever noticed that the subject is usually on the left in my compositions? Is it because I'm right-handed? Or because I read books from left to right and "read" a photo the same way? Or becaues I'm in a rut?

This the same urn from Sunday's Trophy post. This is also from Michaels. There are four stores that I can spend hours in - a book store, a bike shop, a camera store, and Michaels. None of which are good for my wallet. All of which are good for my soul. :)

“The soul can not think without a picture.” ~ Aristotle

“Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” Walt Whitman

Carley I disagree with Aristotle....the soul can also think with music!
As for the left placement, I'm also right handed and read from left to right.....and most of my subjects are on the right of the picture. Go figure!
Carley · 2007-08-23: 01:30
iagho I think it's not a coincidence nor because you are right-handed, but probablly a natural selection between your photos makes you keep the ones with the subject on the left or you instinctively put the subject there, that's simply because those look better! : ) Fact is that most of the world read left to right (I'm saying most, not all!), that makes people to give unconsciously more importance to what's on the left of a photo. You can notice that in my photos the same formula is often used: the subject or the best illuminated part is at the left (many are the exceptions!!! That's just cold theory...).
Paraphrasing Walt Whitman "Whichever satisfies the beholder is a good photo." ; )
iagho · 2007-08-23: 02:22
slowpete some people like the space to lead into the object. Others just want to grab your attention immediately. Pronlem now i will always wonder why I choose a composition.
Great post
slowpete · 2007-08-23: 06:05
????? That's very interesting point.
One thing about me is when i put my name in the bottom of my picture, I always chnaging the side. Sometime on bottom right, sometime on bottom left, it is depend on that picture compostion, somtime I feel like one sigh is heavier than another side, or it is too much in one side, so in your case of this picture I will put my name on right hand, which you did the same. I don't know if other people thought same to me. Anyway I'm right-handed, but I go for both side.
I like your pictures and like the way you think, really interesting.
????? · 2007-08-23: 10:01
SheriJ I can't comment as much as everyone else has. I am a woman of few words. I feel which ever is your dominate eye. I am right handed and look thru the camera lens with my left eye.(dominate left eye) It is a brain thing I think. I track from left to right most of my snaps have space on the left and fill right. Nice post today good questions to ask and get answers..
SheriJ · 2007-08-23: 10:33
vmathewk interesting tones.. Cool.
vmathewk · 2007-08-23: 12:45
????? interesting observation......great shots too :D
????? · 2007-08-23: 12:48
vollenda Cool comments! Thanks.

Pav - No, I didn't try cropping it like that. I will try it tonight and add to the post. :) Thanks for the feedback.
vollenda · 2007-08-23: 15:14
elkegrocholl I know a lot of "Michaels" in the city and they are like a magnet for me and my wallet !!! :-))
You tell about an interesting phenomenon!
I´m right handed but I shuffle the cards with my left hand.
Thanks again for the wonderful picture of this urn on the left side !!!
She is so beautiful !
elkegrocholl · 2007-08-23: 15:24
????? I usually prefer not to put the subject in the middle, so it's either left or right. I don't think I have a preference - probably depends on the composition. I don't mind the bottom left of #1 - it gives you a sense of what you are not seeing. It is a beautiful urn.
????? · 2007-08-23: 21:36
Jannie I think it has to do with artsy-ness coming from the right side of the brain which of course flips things to the left when it becomes a visual. That's my story & I'm sticking to it!
Jannie · 2007-08-24: 01:12
bolder beautiful in their simplicity
bolder · 2007-08-24: 11:51
davidcardona I agree with iagho. Beautiful post and deep thoughts. Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2007-08-26: 11:42
chipotle i tend to frame from the left, too. the lower left. i read somewhere--i can't find it now--that most people view objects on the left side as going into the frame and objects on the right side as coming out of the frame, and that placing objects to the left is more soothing and to the right is more agitating.

you spend your time and money well.
chipotle · 2007-08-28: 09:02
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