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TSC - Flashy

I'm ready for my close up!
What, you call that close?
I even combed my whiskers!
Ooh, is that a bird. (he was inside so it was wishful thinking on his part!)
This is my sad, I haven't been fed my dinner yet, look.
Spike, cat of mystery.
No, I don't color my nose! It's completely natural.
Do I need a breath mint?
I'm available for bookings. Please contact my agent or fan club for details.
This week, I wanted to get some close ups of Spike. I decided to treat him like a flower and posed him in front of the black board. :) He was amazingly cooperative. Who knew he could be such a patient and willing model!

I've been trying for ages to get his whiskers but it never really worked out. His eyes too. I used the 28-105 lens so I could get close and move fast. I also used my SB800 flash with a diffuser. At first, I had it set to underexpose the flash by 1 stop. Then I put it on full power. The first and last shot were at full power, the rest were under exposed a little. The last shot was too harsh and I thought it looked better in sepia. The first shot I toned down a little.

By the way, he didn't mind the flash, I think because it was still pretty light out. I've been told that my flash is blinding in the dark. Or maybe he's just a pro now and these photo sessions don't bother him anymore. :)

Stats - D200 w/28-105 lens and SB800 flash.
????? wonderful shots ..I want to get shots of Mocha like this but most the time she is so so active .. these are really good :)I really like 7 8 and 9 ... he is the exact coloring of Mocha..:)!
????? · 2007-08-24: 00:12
dogziji spike spike... always so handsome...! so many beautiful colors in his cute face! puuuuurfect!
dogziji · 2007-08-24: 00:23
noptek Very nice set. This cat is cute
noptek · 2007-08-24: 00:30
Jannie Lisa, the stripey rotter never looked better! Spike is so terribly handsome, and I think he just might know it. Beautiful beautiful set! I guess if babies can survive 6,784 flashes in a year so can a kitty! I love your captions, you & Spike always make me laugh.... and I look forward to Fridays all the more!! Thank you
Jannie · 2007-08-24: 00:59
????? These are magnificent shots of Spike - #9 is sensational! I agree with Jannie - I think he might know it! Your captions are great - I suspect you probably do know what he's thinking.
????? · 2007-08-24: 01:32
KC727 Really beautiful!!
KC727 · 2007-08-24: 03:03
elkegrocholl I`m deep in love with Spike !!!!!!!!!!!!!
A great photoshuting !!!
My cat Mic-Mac has no chance beside your "Tiger". :-))
elkegrocholl · 2007-08-24: 03:06
natasa7 a cooperative cat?? wonderful. your Tiger is a beauty)))
natasa7 · 2007-08-24: 03:36
Lynda As usual you have cqptured the character of your cat. I couldn't do all the technical things you do as my camera is primitive by today's standards so have to rely on my subects already looking good. Spike as Tiger is my favorite. It wouldn't be Friday without him.
Lynda · 2007-08-24: 04:55
????? He is such a handsome cat! Your captions for his photos always crack me up. I would definitely join his fan club. This set came out wonderful--I love all of the shots, especially #7!
????? · 2007-08-24: 07:44
Karibbean O My,
it's a very beautiful cat:)
I like its nose
Karibbean · 2007-08-24: 08:20
SheriJ Yeah it is Spike Friday!! Such a cool cat.. Where do I sign up for the SPIKE fan club?? What a great model and ham if I may say so!! His markings are stunning and I love the hint of orange on his nose.! Very awesome Spike post!!
SheriJ · 2007-08-24: 08:54
????? So handsome!! I love his nose:)) I always love to play with cat's nose
????? · 2007-08-24: 11:25
????? Fantastic set!
????? · 2007-08-24: 12:50
Rigadon I don't know what to say! The detail, the closeness, the subject being so co-operative, it's all good. I'm gob smacked. 7, 8 and 9 are tops. Excellent

/me shuts up
Rigadon · 2007-08-24: 13:17
fionarobinson your cat is very photogenic, well done
fionarobinson · 2007-08-24: 13:17
vollenda Thanks :) I think he's just happy I'm paying him some attention. :)
vollenda · 2007-08-24: 14:49
magpy another fun set! how do you do it? every time I try and take pics like that of my cats they move at the strategic moment and flash me
magpy · 2007-08-24: 19:40
vollenda Oh, there are always a lot of photos with just an ear or the top of his head or his backside leaving the frame. I just don't show those to you guys. :) It helps that he's like my shadow when I get home from work and likes to hang out wherever I am.
vollenda · 2007-08-25: 00:51
Carley These are terrific! I love 7, 8 and 9 especially!
Carley · 2007-08-25: 08:00
emmetan hey spike... u look so good in these shots!!
emmetan · 2007-08-25: 08:19
SimoDM I love #9!! :) great set!!!!!!!! :) [when my cat see me with my camera run away..doesn't he feel like a model??,..I want that cat!!!! :P hihi!! :D]
SimoDM · 2007-08-25: 17:01
storytaylor Please put me on the Spike fan list. please, please
storytaylor · 2007-08-26: 08:51
davidcardona prEcIOUs!
davidcardona · 2007-08-26: 11:37
nemedine Nagyon klassz sorozat. Örülhet a cica, hogy ilyen jó portrésorozat készült róla.
nemedine · 2007-08-28: 07:37
chipotle he truly is a beautiful cat. i love his orange highlights. and the black background brings his colors out.
chipotle · 2007-08-28: 09:06
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