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TSC - Spike 2000

Who is this lady and what is she doing to me!
Hey, I'm trying to sleep here!
I hope she has tuna.
Zzzzz (Doesn't he look innocent? Little did I know...)
Doesn't she ever quit?
Maybe if I look ferocious, she'll be scared of me.
What have I gotten myself into?!?!
Today's Spike Chronicles are a blast to the past - Spike from February 2000!

Yes, back when he was a young lad. These were taken right after I adopted him. Do you think he's changed much? Even back then, he was quite a poser. :) And he still had a big body and a small head!

I still think of him as a kitten, you know. But he's 9! Time really flies.

How boring my life would be if this stripey rotter hadn't slinked into it. :)
taifallos 9?! Really? whoa. Thanks for sharing Vollenda, I miss my kitty ever since I lost her. (She had to be put down because of old age and some issues from being a rescue cat) (she was a Tabbi too, and I just think they are some of the prettiest cats). So seeing Spike is always a joy!
taifallos · 2007-10-26: 02:36
Lynda He looks more innocent then! Lovelt set as always. It wouldn't be Friday without Spike. It;s exhausting when you have 4!
Lynda · 2007-10-26: 05:30
jet28 I love his wide-eyed innocence :-)
jet28 · 2007-10-26: 05:36
????? Wow - a young Spike! I agree with jet28 - his eyes are much more innocent, and his ears are bigger too. He looks good on film (I'm assuming these weren't shot in digital), but am more used to the contemporary cool (digital) Spike!
????? · 2007-10-26: 06:26
Alicehume You could tell even back then - it's the glint in the eyes!
Alicehume · 2007-10-26: 06:49
rolpa He's a young Spike in these photos and not only in years. He's learnt a lot since, (but not necessarily only for the good)!
rolpa · 2007-10-26: 06:53
photopoet I think he's gotten more adept at posing and keeping a wily look on his face. He' grown into his role as the Friday Poster Guy.
photopoet · 2007-10-26: 07:48
????? Innocent isn't innocent anymore:) hee hee So cute. I want to play and hug him. I really love cat
????? · 2007-10-26: 08:48
Karibbean lovely and funny!
Karibbean · 2007-10-26: 09:31
emmetan u used flash?
emmetan · 2007-10-26: 09:40
vollenda Thanks! I think his face has filled out more so his ears don't look so big anymore. :)

This was film. Taken with my Nikon N90 and a flash. Most likely on Fuji film. I scanned them in.
vollenda · 2007-10-26: 10:32
natasa7 ohh how small)) the teeny spike!
you are right a cat can change your life))
natasa7 · 2007-10-26: 14:09
Jannie Awwww. Spike as a tyke!! What a sweet little stripey rotter!!! You two are so lucky to have each other!!
Jannie · 2007-10-26: 15:15
PaulGraham lovely shots stunning eyes
PaulGraham · 2007-10-26: 15:32
magpy what a darling! I see he has grown into his dignity
magpy · 2007-10-26: 19:18
????? Wow, I can't believe he's 9! He looks like he was a little troublemaker back then! How lucky you are to have such a fun-loving cat companion!
????? · 2007-10-27: 01:32
sandmoon very very cute portraits... one can tell that you really love your kitty!
sandmoon · 2007-10-27: 03:51
????? I love the last one .. he looks so so sweet :)
????? · 2007-10-27: 08:48
etoile Beautiful series ! funny :))
etoile · 2007-10-27: 11:53
vollenda Oh no, he's still a goofball! We just have an agreement to show only his good side. ;)

Thanks again everyone!
vollenda · 2007-10-27: 15:26
Carley What fun to see the young and (comparatively!) innocent Spike!
I think that what he was showing then was raw talent. Since then he has honed his skills to perfection!
Carley · 2007-10-27: 19:59
dogziji pets bring light to our life.
dogziji · 2007-10-28: 14:31
storytaylor there is no cat like Spike. you are a true star in the pets world.
storytaylor · 2007-10-28: 22:19
????? Thanks for your comments. I love #6.
????? · 2007-10-29: 06:25
crusader he is very cute!!!!
crusader · 2007-11-04: 19:07
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