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TSC - Costume

I look like a real boy, don't I?
I forgot to put on pants though. How embarassing!
I can't believe she foiled my plan again.
You better not be laughing at me!
What? Never seen a cat in shirt before?
Madison, Max, & Morgan. Apparently Max was expecting to get A LOT of candy. :)
For Halloween, Spike decided he wanted to be a human boy. So he put on a shirt that he bought with one of his favorite characters on it...Wooden Dude! Wooden Dude is featured on tpav's blog and Spike senses a kindred spirit in the little guy. :)

But Spike was sad because no one came to the door for candy. You see, he thought that if he "helped" Lisa hand out candy, he might be able to escape. But Lisa ruined his plans and didn't buy any candy, the Scrooge! Sheesh.

At least he got a cool shirt out of it. :)

P.S. My sister sent a pic of the munchkins in their Halloween costumes so I'm putting them up too!
vollenda Hey! He actually likes the shirt! What he didn't like was me forcing him to sit for me when he wanted to be on the balcony watching the kiddies go by. :)
vollenda · 2007-11-02: 00:53
Jannie Lisa I don't know how you get Spike to tolerate dressing up... unless it is constant & he just knows he has to if he wants to eat. He just doesn't look like a tolerant cat, and yet..... look at all the shots of him in costumes. It cracks me up!! Love the costume shots of the 3 M's. Most excellent!
Jannie · 2007-11-02: 01:58
Alicehume Poor Spike!
Alicehume · 2007-11-02: 03:03
storytaylor Spike rocks. very well and he is always ready to the photos. gorgeous
storytaylor · 2007-11-02: 04:39
Lynda He looks kinda sad in the 1st one- they are all great photos. I don't think any of my 4 would let me dress them up.
Lynda · 2007-11-02: 05:17
peregol :-)) Beautiful set
peregol · 2007-11-02: 06:28
slowpete great set
slowpete · 2007-11-02: 07:24
LampadaMervelha :) great portraits!
LampadaMervelha · 2007-11-02: 07:34
photopoet · 2007-11-02: 07:37
jet28 Spike is so cute! I love his expression in #2!
jet28 · 2007-11-02: 09:00
emmetan so CUTE.... this set really made me laugh
emmetan · 2007-11-02: 09:02
vollenda Actually, the only two pieces of clothing he's ever worn are the tie and this shirt. Unless you count the hat incident. This is the third time I put the shirt on him and the third time I tried photographing him in it. So maybe he's used to it by now.

Plus, I try to catch him when he in a mellow/happy mood - right after he eats and/or right after I get home. And his head is down in a couple of them because I was scratching him behind the ears right before I too the photo, which is one of his favorite things. :)

Now you guys are learning all my tricks!
vollenda · 2007-11-02: 09:06
????? too too cute ...Spike in that shirt... did poor Spike get any candy ???The kids look so so cute also :)
????? · 2007-11-02: 10:00
abbeyh13 ha!so cute!
abbeyh13 · 2007-11-02: 10:49
SheriJ AAAh Spike loosk like he might be pouting?? What an adorable poser!! The 3 M's look Super fantastic!! 2 buckets of candy!! he won't have any teeth left!! ha ha ha great Friday post!!
SheriJ · 2007-11-02: 13:21
Fouraces haha the comment on the last picture is funny :) you know Spiderman always gets much candy!
Fouraces · 2007-11-02: 14:22
????? Love the cats reeeed nose he is very photogenic patient and tolerant
????? · 2007-11-02: 14:56
????? Aahh - the things Spike has to go through! Only kidding Lisa, after all he does have to do some work for his supper. The kids look great - love Maddie's outfit.
????? · 2007-11-02: 17:36
jendayee This cat is so proud, with such great colors ! splendid shots !
(I'm not laughing)

I hope they enjoyed their Halloween !
jendayee · 2007-11-02: 18:30
rolpa Fabulous pictures. I love Spike's expression in the first and the last is a terrific shot.
rolpa · 2007-11-02: 18:34
garysktam Lisa.. you made the Tee for Spike?? haha
garysktam · 2007-11-02: 20:04
????? i thought he might wear the tie! i like his costume. the kids look cute as well!
????? · 2007-11-02: 21:56
Carley I love Spike's expressions.....What a ham!
Carley · 2007-11-03: 00:29
misheel cute and sweet:)
misheel · 2007-11-03: 05:52
chipotle NOW we know why he's so anxious to flee.
chipotle · 2007-11-03: 08:33
Najeli Well dressed cat :)
Najeli · 2007-11-03: 15:40
Matthiaskong Ahha. you are a wooden dude supporter. What a great t-shirt. lolzx.
Matthiaskong · 2007-11-03: 18:36
SimoDM poor poor Spike!... Hihi!! :-P :)
SimoDM · 2007-11-04: 14:25
????? Oh Spike, I love you anyway
????? · 2007-11-05: 17:16
raghavenderb4u Hahahaa....gud dressing for the cats...
raghavenderb4u · 2007-11-06: 14:10
elclic i am a big fan of your cat !! ;))) Spike rules !
elclic · 2007-11-06: 23:49
dreamshots Nice costume...from where did u get that?
dreamshots · 2007-11-07: 02:25
magpy oh how fantastic!
magpy · 2007-11-07: 19:16
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