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The Lucky One

It's a little fuzzy, I know. But I love how happy my grandfather is in this shot trying to wrangle Max. :)
This is not the blog I had intended to post today. In fact I wasn't going to post anything because I was so busy last night.

But then I read this blog post from Bolder on his blogger blog and I wanted to share that with you.

I've posted this photo before but I wanted to share it again. You see, I am one of the lucky ones.

My grandfather is a cancer survivor. My brother-in-law is a cancer survivor. If we had lost Jack, we also would not have two very special cuties - Madison & Max. Both of them were caught early. My grandfather has passed his 10 year mark. Jack's will be in another year. When I see this photo, it reminds me of how lucky I am that I got to take this photo. There have been other families that aren't so lucky.

Please stop by Bolder's post. And if you have any ideas for him, you can leave him a message here on his photoblog account or you can leave a message with me and I will see that he gets it.

Thank you. :)
Carley This is a wonderful picture of a wonderful family, Lisa.....I'm so glad that they are both OK!~
Carley · 2007-11-07: 09:50
Karibbean great picture! somebody looks really happy!
Karibbean · 2007-11-07: 09:57
garysktam God grace.
garysktam · 2007-11-07: 10:14
MidsummerSilence awww this is such a great shot! you're right - your grandfather's face is priceless - TRUE joy! god bless them both. .:hugs:.
MidsummerSilence · 2007-11-07: 11:15
SheriJ Glad to see that happiness! Nice story and memories for you and thanks for sharing with us!! Some serious happiness going on in that house for sure... YIPPEEEEE !!!! AWESOME!! Family!!!
SheriJ · 2007-11-07: 15:06
tidoudou Beautiful family !
tidoudou · 2007-11-07: 15:19
eljapa These days almost every family has expierence with cancer.
So do we...Lets hope they find a cure soon....
eljapa · 2007-11-07: 15:50
abbeyh13 that is heartbreaking... reading that guys blog!!!
I love the expression on your grandfathers face, joy!
abbeyh13 · 2007-11-07: 18:52
magpy wow
fantastic post
magpy · 2007-11-07: 19:14
mybigbackyard Excellent. These personal stories and photos are exactly why I love photoblog. Great job.
mybigbackyard · 2007-11-07: 21:48
jendayee Love this family post full of joy !!
jendayee · 2007-11-08: 01:45
rolpa A wonderful snap! What a bunch of characters!
rolpa · 2007-11-08: 20:16
????? Thanks for sharing! It's a beautiful post and shot
????? · 2007-11-08: 22:45
bolder you are a lucky one. i'm glad to have you with me on this.

bolder · 2007-11-10: 07:54
tcalbaz your grandfather looks like a very happy man : )
tcalbaz · 2007-11-11: 03:51
davidcardona Nice! Well done, Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2007-11-11: 10:23
Jannie I love this shot. And I love the story more. You and your family are blessed!
Jannie · 2007-11-13: 19:20
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