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Dinosaur Bones

Neon Blue
Neon Green
I was telling Bolder about my dream of having a gallery showing someday. There, I said it out loud. (It has more power if you say it out loud, you know).

Anyway, when I was working on this post, it reminded me of dinosaur bones and that reminded me I had dreamed of being an archaeologist once. Just like Indy. ;) I wanted to know all the secrets of the past!

And I was on the path...I was going to college as an Anthropology major fresh out of high school.

But then I made a couple (a lot) of wrong turns and I ended up in accounting instead. Counting coins instead of uncovering them.

So that dream, along with others, was buried like so many bleached bones.

I just might dig some of them up again...
????? Dream BIG girl ... you can do it and from what I see you will realize that dream.. just do it :)!!!
????? · 2007-11-13: 23:37
jet28 Fantastic effect! I wanted to be an archaeologist too - even finished Anthrop 1 :-)
jet28 · 2007-11-14: 01:42
peregol Great set
peregol · 2007-11-14: 02:16
fionarobinson great lines, are they coat hangers??
fionarobinson · 2007-11-14: 03:01
ronin53 :-) brava !!!
ronin53 · 2007-11-14: 03:38
Riccaster Very Good !!!
Riccaster · 2007-11-14: 04:28
miclaud Very imaginative! Nice....
miclaud · 2007-11-14: 05:31
Lynda Lokks like a toast rack. Very interesting set.
Lynda · 2007-11-14: 05:33
jonrake very creative light effects.
I empathise with your words ... how many wrong turns and choices have we all made ?
jonrake · 2007-11-14: 07:24
dweiskir I don't think there are many of us who, at 18, could have foreseen where we would be today. This is certainly a million miles from where I saw myself. But, as long as you are breathing you have the opportunity to pursue the things you love. I know I am.

I hope to visit the gallery to see an exhibition of your photographs covering your latest archaeological find.
dweiskir · 2007-11-14: 07:31
????? Great set! Good idea and nice shots!
????? · 2007-11-14: 07:44
Carley LOVE this set! I can hardly wait to visit your gallery showing!!
(I don't imagine that it helps much, but it's interesting how many similarities there are in what it takes to be an accountant and an precision in categorizing, meticulous methods, counting things to put together a picture of how an organization...or
Carley · 2007-11-14: 08:03
magpy these are beautiful
magpy · 2007-11-14: 08:22
magpy it's never too late to renew dreams
magpy · 2007-11-14: 08:23
SheriJ Wonderful post!!! I can't wait to hear you have a show!! I would even come and give support!! You can do it Lisa you are a fantastic photographer!! Really like #2 ....I have a small show in February.. aah very nervous!!!
SheriJ · 2007-11-14: 08:45
garysktam What a wondeful post Lisa.. I love it as it is so creative and very different from your style.
garysktam · 2007-11-14: 08:51
chipotle i think too often dreams should be accounted for fifo rather than lifo. i once wanted to be a photojournalist and a journalism professor scoffed me out of the idea.
chipotle · 2007-11-14: 09:20
MidsummerSilence you can do it! this is gorgeous, and dream hard enough.. and talk about your dreams loud enough and you will find enough strength to make them real! i don't know if there are 'wrong turns' in life, just minor detours. who knows, maybe you can have a gallery someday of all the coins you've uncovered. the coins i don't think need to be physical, metaphorically they have power and mystery as well.
MidsummerSilence · 2007-11-14: 09:46
emmetan this is wonderful...
emmetan · 2007-11-14: 09:46
Karibbean beautiful!!!!!!!
Karibbean · 2007-11-14: 09:54
carmitage Dreams can be colourful and I must say, this one is
stunning ! Great archives' work here.
Beautiful set
carmitage · 2007-11-14: 10:45
vollenda Thank you very much everyone. For your kind words and encouragement! :)
vollenda · 2007-11-14: 12:43
????? very cool post and thanks for sharing you are young, and will take many more thurns in your life so who knows.
????? · 2007-11-14: 15:13
bolder you WILL have a gallery showing someday.

and, it will be more than Gallery Bolder!
bolder · 2007-11-14: 20:10
makaid I really know how you feel when you speak of not doing what you once wanted to do. When I was a child I wanted to be an architect. I did not end up going to school for that. I am in a totally unrelated field and I kind of wish I could go back to school.

I would like to show my work one day. The hard part for me is figuring out when I would be ready.

Your images are great. I would pay to see a showing of your work any day.
makaid · 2007-11-14: 21:12
????? you can do anything!! that's a fascinating interest you have and i hope you get to pursue that dream! great set :D
????? · 2007-11-14: 22:22
Michka43 extraordinaire!!génial!! very strong and very nice,thank's
Michka43 · 2007-11-15: 01:20
sandmoon excellent posts vollenda, mathematical, graphical and most of all inspiring. good luck with the upcoming show ;)
sandmoon · 2007-11-16: 12:27
Yanko Great set! My fav is the first one!
Yanko · 2007-11-16: 15:58
davidcardona Great subject! Nice and very good work! Thanks for sharing. Well done!
davidcardona · 2007-11-16: 19:41
Jannie You can run & you can hide, but your dreams will always find you. They are relentless. Follow them please!!
Jannie · 2007-11-19: 00:49
jendayee I wanted to do research so I studied pharmacy to heal but quit to do something that heals a different way :))
thanks for sharing !
jendayee · 2007-11-20: 21:33
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