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I wanted to show you in today's post what the elaborate set up is that I use to take photos. Or not! This is it really. Just a chair, some boards in black or white (or blue which I never use), my camera, a tripod, and light from a window.

If you see dramatic shadows in my shot, it was with light like #2. I place the object in swatch of direct sunlight (early morning) to light it.

If it has a more even light, then it was with the light in #3. Which is the kind of light I used for the leaf shots today and the past couple of days. This light is from around mid day to late afternoon or on overcast days.

For the leaf shots (and flowers), the board is leaning against the back of the chair. The flowers are in a vase and I use a photo holder with a clip at the top to hold the leaf in place.

So, that's it! Is it Just Like You Imagined? A little NIN to spice up your Tuesday!
Carley The leaf is amazing.....outstanding....superb.....
And it's fascinating to see your tools of the trade! Thanks!
Carley · 2007-11-19: 23:53
????? Thanks for your explanation.
????? · 2007-11-20: 01:07
ronin53 :-)
ronin53 · 2007-11-20: 01:31
rolpa Many thanks for that - I'm very interested to hear how you approach things. First photo is beautiful.
rolpa · 2007-11-20: 01:35
fionarobinson that is great, any tips are fantastic, i am presuming you hold the leaf away from the background, so the background is not too close. Great idea with the photo holder, i like, nomally i hold whatever then try to take shots, tricky!!
fionarobinson · 2007-11-20: 02:03
jet28 There's life in the leaf yet! Thanks for the peep behind the scenes :-)
jet28 · 2007-11-20: 03:14
Alicehume We all have our ways!
Alicehume · 2007-11-20: 07:57
emmetan great idea thanks for sharing the info
emmetan · 2007-11-20: 08:20
SheriJ Very cool.. I see you spend about as much money on your set up as I do.. :) hey what ever saves and buck and works the best. The leaf shot is FANTASTIC!! Where was Spike???.. My cats usually eat what I am trying to photograph. or the dogs are sniffing the tripod!!
SheriJ · 2007-11-20: 08:54
????? The leaf photo is amazing!! thanks for sharing your "secrets" with us
????? · 2007-11-20: 08:59
Yanko Well, you certainly have mastered it!
Yanko · 2007-11-20: 08:59
vollenda Thanks!

Yep, I keep them away from the backdrop. :)
vollenda · 2007-11-20: 09:02
jendayee It is nice of you to share ! but you have a cool equipment.... I would not tell about these I use sometimes :))) in a hurry, taking what's around to help... as sometmes you really have to rush
thank you !
jendayee · 2007-11-20: 09:09
vollenda Oh, I forgot to say that Spike wasn't around because he was in TROUBLE. He'd tried to jump in the chair with the board on it and knocked everything down! I should get hazard pay. :)
vollenda · 2007-11-20: 10:17
chipotle simplicity begets grace.
chipotle · 2007-11-20: 10:49
storytaylor the making of is fantastic, and the final result also
storytaylor · 2007-11-20: 12:15
miclaud Nice! I like #1
miclaud · 2007-11-20: 14:15
eljapa Great info!! I wanted to ask you that:-)
Picture looks beautiful. thank you
eljapa · 2007-11-20: 14:43
TIM927 The results u get are so impressive that i would have bet u had a sophisticated secret way lol..ty for sharing this, it makes your work even more valuable now ;)
TIM927 · 2007-11-20: 15:19
t2d4th Ok...I think you have inspired me to try some of this for myself. :-) With fall finally showing her colors, it is the perfect time to experiment.

Thanks for this tutorial! :-)
t2d4th · 2007-11-20: 15:33
lexlevans awesome! i love that you shared your secrets with us - just goes to show that you don't have to have fancy equipment to achieve great photos! well, okay, fancy cameras help...
lexlevans · 2007-11-20: 15:55
????? Love the curl of the leaf and those lighting:) So wonderful day
????? · 2007-11-20: 18:06
nadoune Excellentes photos!!
nadoune · 2007-11-20: 18:34
????? whatever it takes to get the great shot! thanks for sharing your secrets! i always love your photos :D
????? · 2007-11-20: 19:50
????? wonderful !!!
????? · 2007-11-20: 19:52
angeldevil1980 wow what a great set of photos :) I love the 1st one
angeldevil1980 · 2007-11-20: 21:19
garysktam Lisa .. you are so professional. I even do not have a tripod. I lve your pic. anyway
garysktam · 2007-11-21: 09:17
????? very awesome
????? · 2007-11-23: 23:28
jonrake number #1 just rocks like yesterday's post
jonrake · 2007-11-24: 08:06
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