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Then and Now - Theme

My dad's parents, my mom, and me. :) I love my grandma's glasses. I've never had the guts to get quirky glasses like that. I just may this year...
The cousins - Liz, Becky, Michael, Susan, me, and Robert.
My sister and I with our Aunt Christina and a family friend. My Aunt Christina is the woman who taught me what it meant to be an aunt and to be involved in a child's life. She also taught me so much about what a person can do with NO limitations.
Me and Susie at my grandparents. Don't you think Madison looks like her mom?
Check out the Dorothy hair cut! In La Verne, the town I grew up in, Santa went by every street to greet the kids. I was outside saying Hi to Santa this Christmas too. Of course, now it's more to see the firemen he's with than him. ;)
This was me before one of my sprint triathlons.
This is actually one of my favorite hair clamp thingy's. I just cut my hair to above my shoulders so I can't wear it anymore. But I'll still keep it. The butterfly is a motif in my life. It reminds me to never go back into the cocoon. To fly. To live. I have a tattoo of one on my hip so I'll always have a butterfly with me. For 2008, I want to fly again.
OK, this is for the theme for December 31st. Me then and sort of now. The now photo is of me a couple of years ago. It's the me that I want to get back to this year. I miss being the girl who could put on a pair of shoes and run. My main hope for this year is for a body that is no longer sore - no more shoulder and knee pain - to be the little girl who just ran with joy.

My other dream for this year is to be me and not some idealized idea of me - photographically speaking. I need to stop worrying about taking photos that I think people will like. I want to get back to MY style of photos and not worry about how they stand up to others. I am only going to press the button if it's something I would want to see on my walls. Oh sure, there will be experimenting. And hopefully some growth. But I want my photographs to be quintessentially "Lisa". If that makes sense. :)

Finally, I want to be more Green. I want to live more green, do more for the environment and the creatures in it. And find a way to make a difference.

So that's it, those are my goals for the year. Wish me luck!

Happy New Year! May the coming year bring you all your wishes and dreams.
DancingDolphin Great shots! Really good b/w and a great smile!
DancingDolphin · 2007-12-30: 21:52
????? cute cute pics ... love the last one.. wonderful Lisa ...:) beautiful set and beautiful girl and woman:)Happy 2008:)!!
????? · 2007-12-30: 21:52
????? me back again . GREAT for you Lisa .. something I want to do and something I encourage others to do ..take photos YOU like and be YOU .. so many do their art for what others think and while that is nice (compliments ) ,everyone has a different opinion so how many people can you please .. 1 ... yourself .. be who you are happy to hear you say that and it reinforces it for me.. woo hoo go girl :)
????? · 2007-12-30: 22:00
mybigbackyard Nice shots, then & now! Inspiring goals, too!
mybigbackyard · 2007-12-30: 22:08
abbeyh13 love your resolutions!!!!
loved the photographs!!
inspiring for sure.
abbeyh13 · 2007-12-30: 22:46
photopoet · 2007-12-30: 22:58
Jannie Lisa this is so wonderful. I agree with Patty, thank you for showing us such a personal glimpse of your life. I wish you a wonderful 2008 & I too hope that all your dreams & wishes come true.

Please tell me that Spike pics will still be what you want to shoot!!
Jannie · 2007-12-30: 23:36
vollenda Thanks everyone :)

Ha ha, no worries Jannie. Spike is the best model I have! :)
vollenda · 2007-12-30: 23:43
Genevieve beautiful goals and dreams for the coming year lisa. i especially appreciate the one about being yourself in your photography...i struggle with that one too
Genevieve · 2007-12-31: 01:06
soldotnamanda I can't agree with your resolutions more (for myself too). Thanks for your inspiring pictures through out the year. You Go Girl! Happy New Year.
soldotnamanda · 2007-12-31: 01:22
noptek Nice post. Happy new year
noptek · 2007-12-31: 04:19
mimax2 very interesting. happy new year!
mimax2 · 2007-12-31: 04:35
jet28 Wonderful set :-) Happy New Year!
jet28 · 2007-12-31: 05:04
rxet42 happy new year
rxet42 · 2007-12-31: 07:34
vterezia GREAT SHOTS!!Heppy New Year!!
vterezia · 2007-12-31: 07:45
saeid nice set, and great hopes and wishes,
saeid · 2007-12-31: 07:54
Ikuszka Happy New year.
Ikuszka · 2007-12-31: 09:12
noptek I agree for the glasses. They are great. Happy new year
noptek · 2007-12-31: 11:09
lexlevans great theme post! i love all the 'then' photos - they are such fun to see, and looking back on them is fun to see who inspired you as a kid. good luck with your goals and thank you for sharing them with us! i agree with the part about photographing for yourself! i love the santa photo, but where's the snow?!?!? ;-)
lexlevans · 2007-12-31: 12:38
SheriJ Very cool.. I always take photos I like was it suppose to be the other way around?? OOppps if it was.. I think you become a better photographer if you are doing what you like!! Get back to you and live it up!!! You look great when is the next triathlon and can I bet your personal photographer???? Maybe a hint for a Friday Spike post?? Spike Then and Now???? Great family snaps!! Now hop on that bike!!! :) Happy New Year my photoblog Friend!!!
SheriJ · 2007-12-31: 13:25
davidcardona A memorable post dear and gentle artist! Nice to see you and your family! Have a great 2008! chEErs!
davidcardona · 2007-12-31: 16:10
rolpa Lovely shots. Thanks for sharing them. May your dreams be realised this year!
rolpa · 2007-12-31: 16:33
????? it's good to have photographs from before, so take more pictures everyday!
by the way, happy new year 2008!
????? · 2007-12-31: 20:36
emmetan so classic pics! Happy new year to you too... May all your wishes come true.
emmetan · 2007-12-31: 21:15
bauche Lisa what a wonder childhood you must of had. The pictures are great! I wish you the best for 2008 and can relate to some of your goals!! Happy New Year!!!
bauche · 2007-12-31: 21:29
bolder Happy New Year Lisa!
bolder · 2007-12-31: 23:02
miclaud Beautful serie! e have something in common: we love triathlon!! But I organize and you do it....
miclaud · 2008-01-01: 09:26
LisetteT Great set.
LisetteT · 2008-01-01: 23:01
jendayee Thank you for this post ! so cute !!!!
Happy New year Lisa !
jendayee · 2008-01-02: 00:36
Nayah Wow! That's a powerful message! I'm sure you will be able to realize your goals! Happy new year!
Nayah · 2008-01-02: 11:24
????? thanks for sharing with us! madison does look like her mom! good luck with your goals!!

and i agree with sheri...i think we need a "spike then and now" post!
????? · 2008-01-02: 21:51
sandmoon good luck miss green - nice portraits!
sandmoon · 2008-01-03: 14:10
storytaylor you are always great and beautiful
storytaylor · 2008-01-03: 16:33
????? Somehow I missed this post at the time!? It is very personal, as Patty and Jannie have said, and it's very brave of you to reveal so much. You look great, both now and then, and may your hopes and aspirations be realised!
????? · 2008-01-13: 04:48
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