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The Creatures Of Red HIll Park

Alien ships landing
Charlotte in her web?
Anteater Vs. Ant!
Dinosaur Bones
Blue Slug Rising (the drop photos from my Out of the Blue post on Wednesday were from this slide).
Childhood dreams
These are photos from the new playground at Red HIll Park. They just unveiled it but it hasn't had many kids playing on it because it's been cold and rainy lately.

I stopped by there on the way to lunch with my mom on Sunday. It was still covered with raindrops so no one was playing on it. Still, it looked so shiny and new that I was tempted to try it out. But I didn't want to show up at lunch all dirty. :) I wish they'd had playgrounds like this when I was a kid.

Anyway, the shadows were kind of harsh. They reminded me of creatures. Hopefully they were kid friendly creatures. :)
nasser creative set !very nice congrats!
nasser · 2008-02-01: 23:53
aknor Wow, I'll say they are creative AND well shot!! I really like #1 and 2 - very, very cool!!!
aknor · 2008-02-02: 00:26
etodd80 Great shadows! Great set! They sure make playgrounds different these days don't they!
etodd80 · 2008-02-02: 01:24
Carley I LOVE those shadows!! What a great playground....and what a good eye you have to see the creatures hiding in the playthings!
Carley · 2008-02-02: 01:40
PEXRI i think first is the best
PEXRI · 2008-02-02: 02:25
noptek Nice study with light and shadow. I love 2
noptek · 2008-02-02: 04:21
jet28 Love the shadows - the first in particular :-)
jet28 · 2008-02-02: 05:06
focussed I cant even pic my fav here. Way too hard. Such an impressive collection. You've done brilliantly. Love them all.
focussed · 2008-02-02: 06:46
Lynda Very unusual and creative post
Lynda · 2008-02-02: 07:03
nadoune Very nice set!!!
nadoune · 2008-02-02: 08:06
DancingDolphin WOW, quite an eye to "see" all these shots! Nice work!
DancingDolphin · 2008-02-02: 08:37
fionarobinson great shapes and contrast, lovely shots
fionarobinson · 2008-02-02: 09:22
MHJphotos These are just awesome! I love looking at how a professional photographer sees things. Every one of these are fantastc.

Your blue slug could also be a blue tongue!
MHJphotos · 2008-02-02: 12:28
photopoet I think kids will have agreat time playing and letting their imaginations run wild. I'd love to see these again when there ae youngsters running around.
photopoet · 2008-02-02: 14:19
storytaylor w
storytaylor · 2008-02-02: 14:26
PaperWings Very cool. Love the captions.
PaperWings · 2008-02-02: 14:32
turndaround EVERYTHING about this set is fantastic! It's pure genius.
turndaround · 2008-02-02: 14:48
lexlevans what a fun post! i love all the creativity you used in composing the shadow shots. when i was a teacher my students loved it when i would play on the playground with them - especially if i went down the slide! ahhh, to play like a child again :-)
lexlevans · 2008-02-02: 15:03
????? muy bien trabajo pero la`primera con eso de talle en color es perfeta
????? · 2008-02-02: 15:27
eljapa nice post, #2 made me think of spiderman. very creative work.
eljapa · 2008-02-02: 15:38
harryOB Wow beautiful set. I really love the composition and colors in the first picture.
harryOB · 2008-02-02: 16:14
chipotle number three made me grin broadly. great eye.
chipotle · 2008-02-02: 18:14
????? I like the abstract nature of these shots and your accenting of the imaginative elements.
????? · 2008-02-02: 19:04
jendayee Love your creatures ! all of them here ! wonderful post !
jendayee · 2008-02-02: 20:06
davidcardona Great subject and composition! Well done work! chEErs!
davidcardona · 2008-02-02: 22:10
????? What a neat place!! You are so creative!
????? · 2008-02-02: 22:16
Peche Beautiful set Lisa, I love #2, the shadows and texture.
Peche · 2008-02-03: 00:02
LisetteT Great post, very nice set
LisetteT · 2008-02-03: 16:28
SheriJ Great shots!! Funny and appropriate!! My husband and I watched War of The Worlds last night it was a creepy bu good movie!! Great shots!! Hope more kids get to go out and play soon!!
SheriJ · 2008-02-03: 19:46
rolpa Interesting shapes that should stimulate the imagination well captured.
rolpa · 2008-02-04: 05:18
deanna I love the shadows!
deanna · 2008-02-04: 15:31
jagungal These are marvelous! I especially enjoyed the first two with their highly abstract qualitiers.
jagungal · 2008-02-04: 20:02
Jannie Wow! What a playground! I love #1,2 &4. Awesome shots. I love seeing the world through your eyes!!
Jannie · 2008-02-04: 22:15
????? oh you should go back and try it out..I would of .now THAT would of been some pics ..
this is a beautiful set t hat stirs the imagination !!!:)
????? · 2008-02-05: 08:57
????? oh you should go back and try it out..I would of .now THAT would of been some pics ..
this is a beautiful set t hat stirs the imagination !!!:)
????? · 2008-02-05: 08:57
emmetan no 2 is so nice
emmetan · 2008-02-05: 09:37
soldotnamanda You are so talented and inspiring. I love each one. The first, is my FAV!
soldotnamanda · 2008-02-05: 23:35
Genevieve wonderful the first one best
Genevieve · 2008-02-07: 00:10
ehteez VOW...no1 and no2 are superb compositions...very well taken
ehteez · 2008-02-07: 22:03
????? Great set, especially the shadows. Love #1
????? · 2008-02-17: 18:28
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