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Duck Bath Time...Thanks to Jannie!

Ducks like bubble baths too. :)
Ok, ready ducky? Time for a bath.
Oh, look it floats!
I think I need more soaps, I'll just reach over and grab one of Maddies. (This one cracks me up because he's pilfering her soap so nonchalantly!). :)
Which would you like to use? Not mine? Good choice!
Oh, two ducks! It's magic (I never saw him grab Maddie's duck either, he's that quick).
Luckily she rescued it. Here she's explaining the proper way to give a duck a bath.
See, I did a good job.
I like everyone to think I'm too old and sophisticated to play with rubber duckies now that I'm 10, but duck bath time was my idea...
One thing I've found about photographers is that their creativity isn't confined to what they see thru a lens. They find ways to expressive themselves with drawings, paintings, dance, music, etc. I don't know if you know, but Jannie makes wonderful soaps. She told me in December that she was going to send me some and I was delighted to find that she'd included little buckets filled with soaps for the M&Ms as well! All she asked was that I take a photo of them with their buckets for her.

So, when the M&M's came over last weekend from Arizona, I handed them over and had great plans to take a group shot with the soaps all still nicely packaged in the bucket.

But I walked into the kitchen on Sunday morning and there was already an impromptu bath session going on! So you get play time photos instead!

Thank you so much Jannie! They loved the buckets and the ducks and thought the soaps were yummy. Yes, Max did try to eat one!

P.S. Been sleeping the past couple of days. Did I miss anything?
abbeyh13 #1 is so great!!!
cute pics.
abbeyh13 · 2008-02-24: 21:28
Jannie Oh Lisa this PRICELESS!!! I'm cracking up! Max is such a smooth operator, isn't he? I love every one of these shots. Kids really DO like soap if you make it fun. Love the duck bath theme. I think Morgan is on to something.
Jannie · 2008-02-24: 21:53
Madoc That is one cool idea!
Some people seem to have had a lot of fun washing these little ducks!
Great captures.
Madoc · 2008-02-24: 21:56
jackie you missed Caturday. Hope you are feeling better.
jackie · 2008-02-24: 22:21
SheriJ Looks like a fun time!! Max is soooo darn cute!! Glad you had a fun time with the M's..
SheriJ · 2008-02-24: 22:29
photopoet · 2008-02-24: 22:46
????? awwwwwwwwwww this is so cute ..:) looks like so much fun and homemade soaps are so wonderful :) this whole set made me smile :) !!!
????? · 2008-02-24: 23:21
MHJphotos This is a wonderful set Lisa! Cool that Jannie sent you these soaps and pails for the kids. That look Max is giving as he's stealing his sister's soap is priceless! Great timing!
MHJphotos · 2008-02-25: 00:33
jet28 What fun! Love the last one with the littel duck's head peering over the side :-)
jet28 · 2008-02-25: 01:12
jagungal kids' expressions — wonderful!
jagungal · 2008-02-25: 02:46
Carley What fun, and what a great set! I agree that Max is a VERY smooth operator!!
Carley · 2008-02-25: 08:12
????? How thoughtful of Jannie :)

Such a fun set. I had to save that first pic - it made me smile :))
????? · 2008-02-25: 12:35
Kovac First one :) Great post!
Kovac · 2008-02-25: 13:30
????? buen reportaje muy gracioso, comp@ bien realisadad
????? · 2008-02-25: 16:54
davidcardona Lovely post. Excellent shots!
davidcardona · 2008-02-25: 18:32
emmetan thanks for sharing... it brings smile to my face = )
emmetan · 2008-02-26: 19:49
robertof owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Cute! ahaha
robertof · 2008-02-27: 08:32
storytaylor so relaxing, fresh and beautiful. and Spike here is he?
storytaylor · 2008-02-27: 09:16
????? cute and funny post!!
????? · 2008-02-29: 22:35
jendayee Thank you for that sweet post ! I was smiling all along ! needed it ! :)
jendayee · 2008-03-01: 11:43
mintra Nice set.
mintra · 2008-03-02: 03:22
Nayah Really sweet!
Nayah · 2008-03-04: 17:18
AsherBen As always beautiful are cute!!!:)
AsherBen · 2008-03-04: 23:39
????? wonderful !!!
????? · 2008-03-04: 23:44
????? Great set of the 3Ms, and hoping you are on the mend Lisa.
????? · 2008-03-07: 22:45
Genevieve love the first shot...i like the light and it's unusual to see something we so strongly associate with a colour being done in B&W
Genevieve · 2008-03-08: 14:36
garysktam Cute pics..
garysktam · 2008-03-12: 11:43
chipotle you're never too old for ducks in the tub. never.
chipotle · 2008-04-07: 19:54
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