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Swim Bike Run...Repeat #1

I think the swim is the hardest to capture. I have yet to capture "the washing machine" feeling.
The guys on the boards have saved my hide before when both of legs cramped up at the same time!
Go Kylie! She rocks the sports world. Running, cycling, adventure racing, triathlons on and off road. I want to be like her when I grow up. :) And she was 2nd in her age group today!
There were some paved roads on the course, but most of it was dirt.
The hills are so green right now in Bonelli, it was a beautiful ride.
Uphill, no rest at all.
Some people rode their brakes all the way down the hill.
Others didn't use them at all!
No fear!
Have to concentrate or you'll crash (you can see evidence of one on his shoulder).
The only way to fly.
He's having a blast!
Too fast for my lens.
3-8 were taken with a faster shutter speed (around 1/500s). 9-15 were taken with slower shutter speeds to blur the background (1/60 or 1/80s). It was hard to pan on these shots because they were going behind trees as they went down the hill!
These photos are from the Renegade OffRoad Tri this morning. My friend Kylie was racing but I didn't know it. At least not until I saw her thru my lens the first go round of the bike! Woo! Go Kylie!

So, you know bolder here on photoblog? We've never met but we became friends in a roundabout way. Here's the story.

1 - Kylie invited me on a ride out to see the Redlands Races (like the San Dimas Races from last week).

2 - I wrote about it on my triathlon blog.

3 - Jonathan (from the races last week) saw my blog title and read it because he'd raced them before.

4 - We started reading each other's tri/cycing blogs.

5 - Bolder was also reading his blog and left some...interesting comments so I decided to check out his blog.

6 - I lurked on his tri blog for a while. He has a lot of lurkers.

7 - I finally left a comment.

8 - He returned the favor, saw I like photography, we started talking photography.

And I've been a thorn in his side ever since! So he can blame it all on Kylie. :P

Strange how things happen, eh?
Mabi938 Well done !
Mabi938 · 2008-04-06: 20:26
Mabi938 Oh ! I had not seen the rest of your post. Great sport's series.
Mabi938 · 2008-04-06: 20:47
DancingDolphin Great shots and great story!
DancingDolphin · 2008-04-06: 21:29
????? cool how things happen .. these are awesome pics Lisa .. some of the best I've seen... I love the last one for some reason ..all the motion ... miss seeing you here as much and I miss SPIKE!!!
????? · 2008-04-06: 21:48
????? A great action packed set Lisa - Kylie looks very focussed! I really like the sense of speed on the downhill shots especially #9 and 12.
????? · 2008-04-06: 23:29
slowpete great set but to active to my liking lol
slowpete · 2008-04-07: 01:06
felipeadiers Great captures!
felipeadiers · 2008-04-07: 01:32
CJLata Very nice captures.

CJLata · 2008-04-07: 02:41
tidoudou Great story , beautiful shots !
tidoudou · 2008-04-07: 04:40
Madoc Nice story.
And those shots are fantastic! Especially the panning ones. It is hard to get these things good. There are usually only a couple ok on a big bunch, but a lot turned out super here. You really got the touch, it seems.
My fav is #10.
Madoc · 2008-04-07: 05:55
photopoet · 2008-04-07: 06:18
Carley Love the photos and the story! And especially I love the wonderful action shots amid the wildflowers!~
Carley · 2008-04-07: 07:12
jet28 Great action shots!
jet28 · 2008-04-07: 08:06
ronin53 great reportage
ronin53 · 2008-04-07: 09:45
fionarobinson great action photography.
fionarobinson · 2008-04-07: 11:58
emmetan love the last shot
emmetan · 2008-04-07: 18:16
miclaud Very nice report!! The captures are great...
miclaud · 2008-04-07: 19:42
rolpa Nice captures. Lovely spring setting. Great panning shots too.
rolpa · 2008-04-08: 00:26
SheriJ WOW SUPER!! Know what it is like to try and capture something very fast. I like to photograph race cars zooming around. Plus they are a bigger target!! LOL Great Tri shots!!!
SheriJ · 2008-04-08: 13:25
Carley ps : where is this place?
Carley · 2008-04-08: 13:43
????? phenomenal action shots!!! :D
????? · 2008-04-08: 22:12
Orhidea46 must be fun! nice shots!
Orhidea46 · 2008-04-09: 10:37
chipotle fifteen is amazing. absolutely amazing.
chipotle · 2008-04-12: 09:15
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