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I'm No Angel

You never know who'll you will meet.
The Hollywood and Highland station. It reminded me of Space Mountain at Disneyland.
I loved the curves and the light.
The Hollywood and Vine station. If you enlarge it, you can see that the circles in the ceiling are all film reels.
There are all kinds of characters there. :) I almost got in line for Jimmy Kimmel because he was going to have Matthew Fox on. Did you know he's a photographer too? Check this out.
Part of the facade of the El Capitan.
R2D2's footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater. :)
Grauman's Chinese Theater
Glinda's dress from Wicked.
On Friday, I took the day off and went into Hollywood. I took the train into LA and then the subway into Hollywood. It was my first time riding the subway, which was fun.

I went to see Behind the Emerald Curtain (which was a little disappointing since we didn't get to see as many costumes as I'd hoped. AND NO SHOES!). I decided to go early and do a little wandering around Hollywood. In 40 years of living near LA, I'd never been to see Grauman's Chinese Theater or the El Capitan or wandered at all really. Kind of a "it's there and I'll get around to it someday but there's always something else to do" thing. But now I can check those things off the list. :)

Surprisingly, I didn't have much photo mojo that day so I didn't take a whole lot of photos. Weird, I know.

I'm No Angel - Dido
I've always liked this song. ;)

"I'm no angel, but please don't think that I won't try and try
I'm no angel, but does that mean that I can't live my life
I'm no angel, but please don't think that I can't cry
I'm no angel, but does that mean that I won't fly."
maharba so the subway is make me awaken the memories of LA...I like your photos..
maharba · 2008-05-18: 01:20
ootgoody excellent set !!
ootgoody · 2008-05-18: 01:31
Nayah Great set! Thanks for the discovery! :)))) Too funny to see all these characters! :)))
Nayah · 2008-05-18: 02:34
dogziji wow!, subway stations are really cool...! I can imagine a special Spike photo session underground... tee hee!!!
dogziji · 2008-05-18: 03:04
ronin53 great reportage and very good shots!!! :):):)
ronin53 · 2008-05-18: 03:11
????? That subway looks very spaceage! I love it!

#1 is great - it looks like it was a hot day too.

It's good to get out and see new places...
????? · 2008-05-18: 04:04
Kovac Great set!
Kovac · 2008-05-18: 04:49
????? umas imagenes muy increible, comp@ perfeto
????? · 2008-05-18: 06:17
????? Great perspectives on LA and Hollywood Lisa - looks like an interesting place.
????? · 2008-05-18: 12:28
bebbitt These are awesome! Great colors and composition.
bebbitt · 2008-05-18: 12:45
noptek wonderful pictures
noptek · 2008-05-18: 13:15
????? Very, very cool pictures: i love your way of looking at things =)
????? · 2008-05-18: 14:16
davidcardona Superb song! Excellent takes. Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2008-05-18: 17:08
abbeyh13 super set!!!!!
good song too! :)
abbeyh13 · 2008-05-18: 18:24
????? wow! fantastic shots
????? · 2008-05-18: 19:28
bandit0024 these are beautiful shots! i love the one of R2D2!
bandit0024 · 2008-05-18: 20:38
photopoet · 2008-05-18: 20:46
vterezia gorgeous shots!!
vterezia · 2008-05-19: 00:59
slowpete really like #3 and 8
great set
slowpete · 2008-05-19: 03:08
soldotnamanda This is a fun set! I've never heard the song so I'm listening to it now. What a great post.
soldotnamanda · 2008-05-20: 12:02
rolpa Great captures of feel and magic of Hollywood. Love the curves and light of #3 and the tones and composition of #8. #4 and #7 are other faves.
rolpa · 2008-05-20: 20:04
emmetan love those lines in 2 and 3
emmetan · 2008-05-20: 20:49
Jannie I love the subway shots! I didn't know there was a subway in LA! I'm wondering if the El Capitan facade is Gladding McBean terra cotta. Excellent selection of Hollywood shots! Amazing what you can see being a tourist in your own town.
Jannie · 2008-05-20: 21:25
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