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Caturday - Spike's Chair

Every cat must have his own chair.
A place where he can relax after a hard day.
Where he won't be disturbed.
A place where a king can be a king!
From Spike:

So...this is my chair. It's where I will be spending Caturday. Lounging. Sleeping. Watching. What we cats do best. What I do best. Hopefully you all have a comfy chair like mine to spend Caturday in.

Happy Caturday!

ronin53 lovely!!! :):):)
ronin53 · 2008-06-22: 17:53
ThePearlView Oh..I always loved your 'Spikey'
That's real r&r he demonstrates!!
ThePearlView · 2008-06-22: 19:02
abbeyh13 good shots!!
so content! :)
abbeyh13 · 2008-06-22: 19:03
lexlevans hehe - i love how he's sitting with his paws over the arm. love #3 where he looks so comfortable......
lexlevans · 2008-06-22: 19:23
langosta Hermoso gato!!!
langosta · 2008-06-22: 20:39
MHJphotos Ah Spike ... I need to catch up! I love the way he looks so 'indifferent' in #1 ...

Spike rules!
MHJphotos · 2008-06-22: 23:21
MHJphotos P.S. I thought of you today as I went to a local street fair! Our town has our annual "Meeker Days" to celebrate our founder ... and as I was wandering around with my camera, looking for something to shoot ... I thought of all your fantastic Renaissance Faire images!

I was disappointed that we didn't get a similar group of characters, but I did manage a blog worthy shot or two! ;)

Thanks as always for the inspiration!
MHJphotos · 2008-06-22: 23:26
noptek Beautiful pictures. Spike is the king.
noptek · 2008-06-23: 00:54
????? I think he likes his chair Lisa - very majestic and at ease. Great shots!!
????? · 2008-06-23: 06:34
Lynda These are gorgeous. What a star he is.
Lynda · 2008-06-23: 06:43
jagungal Boy, is this cat relaxed or what? — not in one of his more fearsome and pugilistic moods this time! Spike is so photogenic — and don't he know it!
jagungal · 2008-06-23: 07:52
SheriJ Very cute!! Love the last one.. Looks like he is pondering going to the balcony to watch what cats watch best?? Thanks for my Spike fix!!
SheriJ · 2008-06-23: 09:56
photopoet He does look like the king! Great.
photopoet · 2008-06-23: 13:07
????? He looks so grand and regal; sitting their with that nonchalant look he has.

Beautiful shots, as usual.
????? · 2008-06-23: 13:25
fionarobinson he almost blends in with it!!
fionarobinson · 2008-06-23: 16:24
mojaroo great personality like a princepal of the school
mojaroo · 2008-06-23: 20:05
Nubster Spike is gorgeous, and your photos do him justice!
Nubster · 2008-06-23: 23:11
Jannie OMG! Lisa, I think you know I am one of Spike's biggest fans... But this post is truly special, not to mention exceptional. I love every one of these shots, and you could not have picked a better complementary fabric for Spike's chair. #3 is saved to my faves..Wow! really one of your (his) very best!!
Jannie · 2008-06-24: 03:05
sandmoon nice portraits of your cat! - love the title caturday :)
sandmoon · 2008-06-24: 07:41
TIM927 watching how comfortable Spike is i feel I wanna be a cat too :))
TIM927 · 2008-06-24: 11:08
storytaylor Spike, Spike you are just beautiful. these are excellent portraits my friend. the photos and colors are so sharp, and Spike poses are just so cute.
storytaylor · 2008-06-24: 12:51
????? great shots!
????? · 2008-07-02: 21:00
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