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Caturday - Just Lyin' Around

I'm shocked that she would imply I'm a scaredy cat!
See this kill I have...I killed it with my razor sharp claws.
I'm not interested in going out on the balcony in the least. Wait. Did something move out there. I think something moved. Oh my god, something is on my balcony!
Aaah! Don't go out there alone!
A message from Spike:

So...I don't know what Lisa was talking about in last Friday's post. Moi? Afraid to go out on the balcony? What.Ever.

I'm just bored with the whole spying on people thing. Yawn.

That's all it is.

I'm a FIERCE beastie. Ffft Rowr Fftt.

Don't believe anything she says!


Spike (King of the, Apartment)

P.S. Speaking of kings of the jungle, check out this video of Christian the Lion. I could so take him!

MHJphotos Man Lisa! These are your typically wonderful shots of Spike. Such rich hues, wonderful tack sharp images, perfect contrast, and wonderful catchlights in his eyes. Someday Lisa, when I grow up, I want to be just like you!
MHJphotos · 2008-07-22: 23:42
????? Ha! It's so great to see Spike this morning - your Spike posts always make me smile.

I always adore his tiger coat :)
????? · 2008-07-23: 00:31
bandit0024 beautiful shots! =)
bandit0024 · 2008-07-23: 00:38
Jannie Awww, Spike the ferocious beastie is ever so fearsome!! I'm so sorry about the balcony incident. It makes me crazy to think about these unevolved cretins who are mean & cruel to innocent animals. I would take them out in a heartbeat if I were to witness anything touching on threatening to the sweet stripey rotter.

BTW, Loki & Spook have a similar toy. They love it, and bat it around mercilously!!
Jannie · 2008-07-23: 01:43
ronin53 :):):):):):):):):):):):)
ronin53 · 2008-07-23: 01:59
noptek Great set
noptek · 2008-07-23: 02:13
jet28 What a tough guy!
jet28 · 2008-07-23: 03:47
Lynda Gorgeous shots of the stripey rotter.
Lynda · 2008-07-23: 06:07
sandmoon spike's message made me smile! spike is a great muse to you and is as ever beautiful :)
sandmoon · 2008-07-23: 10:49
soldotnamanda Spike is quite a character. It's a good thing he has a mom who understands him. I love how white he is. He must be an imaculate groomer.
soldotnamanda · 2008-07-23: 11:45
????? Spike is charming, as allways... and he's got fancy toys! I can't buy cat toys, because my dog would eat them. :)
????? · 2008-07-23: 13:03
natasa7 Spike made me smile)) (again) (always))))
natasa7 · 2008-07-23: 15:57
tomie vbery nice !4 is my fav!
tomie · 2008-07-23: 17:55
????? Wonderful Spike shots Lisa - I guess he hasn't gotten over his balcony fear yet.
????? · 2008-07-24: 00:42
slowpete #1 is great
slowpete · 2008-07-24: 02:37
SheriJ These are great!! I didn't know Spike the fierce one was afraid of going out on the balcony? I thought that was his favorite place? Gosh these snaps are great!!

I watched the video! I cried and cried some more!!
I lost Zoe my kitten last week and would love to have her run back up to me like Christian the lion did!! What and amazing video! I watched it over and over!!
SheriJ · 2008-07-24: 09:58
catdad Great shots, love his colors,and his catatude.
catdad · 2008-07-24: 18:49
turndaround Perfect again. I cracked up when i read the comment under three.
turndaround · 2008-07-25: 11:50
storytaylor I still thinking that Spike´s needs a girlfriend.
storytaylor · 2008-07-26: 05:26
vmathewk Great shots there :) Great sharpness, amazing lighting - just cool. :)
vmathewk · 2008-07-28: 19:49
????? Nice set
????? · 2008-07-29: 08:26
Nayah He is always cute!
Nayah · 2008-07-29: 16:19
jendayee Hi Spike ! a big hug to you....
jendayee · 2008-07-29: 21:57
????? thanks for this.. I enjoyed Spike so much in this... I am STILL waiting on the book ;)
????? · 2008-08-04: 22:00
dwojuna great set:)
dwojuna · 2008-08-07: 16:07
davidcardona Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing dear and gentle lady. chEErs!
davidcardona · 2008-08-11: 15:13
fencingcellist Spike is gorgeous! Wonderful captions and description! You go, Spike!
fencingcellist · 2008-08-25: 19:52
tcalbaz SPikes such a kool kitty!
tcalbaz · 2008-10-26: 10:48
????? Beautiful cat! But in the last shot she doesn't look happy. LOL
????? · 2009-02-18: 17:25
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