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joycephotography · 2011-04-07: 02:14
joycephotography Close to you, Watertown. The Redlin art center, free to get in and well worth it. In Minnesota, Duluth is awesome but a bit of a drive. Let me know if you ever get near Marshall, close to you. We could go out shooting.
malquistfamily · 2011-04-02: 12:05
Reply ⇔ New Lens :)))
Wow, these photos are so beautiful, especially #3, I loves the fungus details.
liberty · 2011-03-31: 13:44
Beautiful photos. I love all the patterns and colors. :)
thank tou l got so much pleasure today taking these pictures in the garden ....
borogovoi · 2011-03-27: 18:27
I like them all ^^
Thank you ...Glad you like these pictures !
krishnakumarkgf · 2011-03-18: 00:05
krishnakumarkgf soo sweet of you, thnx
krishnakumarkgf · 2011-02-18: 04:45
krishnakumarkgf Azza, beginning of alphabet and ending ( a & z), i think u experience the extremes in everything.. good luck
danrav · 2011-01-21: 20:04
danrav Is that a good kind of leaving?
????? · 2010-12-17: 11:38
Thanks so much, my dear friend.
danrav · 2010-12-02: 05:18
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Wow, this is really cool!
Thank you! Birds are really entertaining!
danrav · 2010-12-02: 05:07
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;D Nice!
Thank you! You added your daughter's picture after your first posting of the balloons. Or- I missed her the first time!