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Stew Leonards

Head up to bro's for first night of Rosh Hashanah I stopped at Stews for some mums as a thank you for dinner.

On the way I found a light house on top of a building. (stopped in bumper to bumper on the Deegan).
Got to Stews. This place is great. They're like a giant farm stand but with with fresh bread section, fresh meats, fresh cheeses, prepared foods and an amazing wine shop.

This is the huge display of mums for sale. They're all still in bud so they'll bloom in the next couple of weeks. Best time to buy.
And pumpkins, loads of pumpkins.
Local harvest apples. There's more on the other side.
Grass. Aspargrass
Part of the bakery section. Fresh made apple cider donuts.
websterella There's so much more but I wasn't sure I could take photos. I was lucky to sneak the ones I did.
websterella · 2009-09-18: 21:26
thisismizb I think I would like that place!
thisismizb · 2009-09-18: 22:21
Stav1 Eek, for a second I thought you were in Norwalk! You can definitely take pictures at that one, it's practically a tourist destination:-/ (I will now have the singing plastic vegetables' song in my head all night:-)
Stav1 · 2009-09-18: 22:29
????? That place looks awesome.
????? · 2009-09-18: 23:11
poppyg looks like a fantastic place to shop - then again sometimes too many choices make shopping a nightmare.
poppyg · 2009-09-18: 23:24
websterella Ok, I have to tell you about the cow and the little girl.

Stew's is know for it's dairy products. I believe it started out as a dairy. They usually have someone dressed up like a cow to walk around and say hi! to kids. Well, there was this little girl, sitting in the basket part of her mom's cart. And mom's not paying attention she's looking at something else. Little girl is concentrating on her fingers. Along comes costumed cow person who walks slowly past little girl. LG is just not paying attention. So cow walks on and stops across the aisle and starts picking up stuff and putting it in a basket. LG looks up.

The look of fear on this child to see this cow shopping was hysterical. I thought she was going to climb out of the cart and on top of her mom's head.

Well mom finally figures out what's wrong and turns cart around and walks in the other direction, almost offended that there's this cow that has the nerve to scare her daughter.

One of the store attendants and I stood there laughing hysterically.
websterella · 2009-09-18: 23:30
ifpics Lovely series! I really like the pumpkin pic!
ifpics · 2009-09-19: 14:54
veronicainheels hope you had a sweet one !
veronicainheels · 2009-09-19: 23:23
moxxxie Stew's ROCKS! I now covet their $10 lobster fries and slaw lunch. *hums the vegetable song along with Stav* (Happy New Year)
moxxxie · 2009-09-20: 19:38
websterella Need to do a meat run next week.
websterella · 2009-09-20: 22:06
itch4travel Apple Cider Donuts?? YUMMMYYYYY!
itch4travel · 2009-09-21: 12:18
sarez apple cider donuts? i am sure that they must be amazing. I just KNOW they would be amazing.
sarez · 2009-09-22: 01:54
tricky Nice set, great colours in the market
tricky · 2009-09-22: 15:37
bouds I want to go to Stew's.
bouds · 2009-09-23: 22:16
DutchCookie like this set. A lot!
DutchCookie · 2009-10-06: 04:33
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