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Santa, Sinterklass and the Chanukah Armadillo

This is from my SS, the beautiful Rez. I've worn the pin a few times already. I'm named him Andrew.
But THEN, in the mailbox was a note that I had a package at the post office, so part of my excursion today was to go to the post office and get this package. In it was this beautiful card, and lovely wrapped thingy with a windmill attached. Hmmm, bet it's from someplace with windmills.
In said lovely wrapped giftie - Hot Chocolate Spoons! (glad I bought more milk at the stupidmarket today). From the lovely Ms. Q.
Another part of my excursion this morning was to get a calendar at the book store. I didn't find one I liked but I found 3 books I wanted, 2 that were 50% off! Did I danced at the counter, yes. Was I stared at, yes. Did I care, no.
Tulpje Yay for the armadillo, Thank The Flying Spaghetti Monster he didn't forget you :-)
Tulpje · 2010-01-05: 13:36
Quailia LOL, well you said you wanted to try them! They take a bit of stirring, but they're worth it.
Quailia · 2010-01-05: 14:56
rezinka I´m glad you like Andrew:)
rezinka · 2010-01-05: 15:53
????? Haha, I would dance at the counter too.
????? · 2010-01-05: 16:17
snkysally Gifts and good books - all worth dancing for!
snkysally · 2010-01-05: 16:23
KateR Shades of Grey is out already? Not fair. Am still waiting for it to be released in the UK on our Amazon order.
I like Andrew.
KateR · 2010-01-05: 17:32
websterella It should have been released in the UK Kate. It's published there first.
websterella · 2010-01-05: 17:47
MelanieO Such lovely gifts! :)
MelanieO · 2010-01-05: 21:20
KateR Nope, it came out in the US first this time. :( - have to wait til the 14th in the UK, so we should have it by the end of the month.
KateR · 2010-01-06: 01:14
cakemonkey I've been known to dance when eating a delicious cake so I totally understand the need to dance for pleasure!

cakemonkey · 2010-01-06: 05:29
natashazoe wow, looks like a great day webs - you lucky woman :)
natashazoe · 2010-01-06: 10:51
moxxxie Looks like a great haul!
moxxxie · 2010-01-06: 16:12
websterella A little bit of retail therapy and WT love
websterella · 2010-01-06: 16:27
lolasf Hot chocolate spoons look like the best idea ever!
Retail therapy and WT love do make for a nice combo, don't they?
lolasf · 2010-01-08: 00:46
SusanM30 aren't unexpected pressies the best, ever?!
SusanM30 · 2010-01-21: 05:42
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