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My favorite foods

Fish stew with mixed fish
one Winnie-Pooh and poor Piglet... :(
On harrow-disc baked piglets slices
Fish stew with mixed fish
Ingredients for 10 persons:
2.5 kg. slices purified of fish (possible walleye, sturgeon, catfish, mullet, bream, possibly great common bream, if not spawn. (The tench is very fine, but so beautiful and smart-looking fish, I'm sorry to cook.)
At least 1.5 kg . purified mixed small fish (mostly bream and small catfish, and the noble fishes head-tail )
80 dkg onion;
15 dkg of ground Hungarian red pepper.
5 liters water (By the end of cooking remains only 4 liters); half liter of red wine.
(The latter then be good who has cooks, also drinking) as well "macskafasza" types of chili pepper approx. 5 pieces.

I layer the bottom of the cauldron is very finely chopped onion and mixed small fish, pour the water and cook over a high heat until then, until the fish is disintegrated. Then filtered, and what is left on the filter push-through, and being back I cook added pouring wine. When it again boils, I included the red pepper, salt, mix. Then I put the fish slices (if there are fish_milk, also); I do not mix , just move the cauldron. When you bring up the fish fillets on top of the juice, then take off the heat. Resting for a few minutes, and then the fish slices carefully, lest it breaks, I'll get on the dish, and for him the soup. The dish may afterwards chili yet.
Before eating 40 of drops of good mix of homespun schnapps, followed by wines!!
SADHYA Wonderful. Both the piglet (poor Pooh) and the fish. I love that you cooked it outside in the snow.
SADHYA · 2015-02-28: 06:24
MilkysWay Looks so yummy :)!
My ex was a hunter so many deers and birds we slaughter
together and it's the best meat you can get :)
You know it's clean from all sorts of weird mess and stuff!
I bet piglet tasted great :)
Great post!
MilkysWay · 2015-02-28: 06:36
lyency perfect menu
lyency · 2015-02-28: 07:56
Eiram Good food! Fresh and tasty!
Eiram · 2015-02-28: 08:51
helys wooooooooow
thank you for sharing the recipe!
helys · 2015-02-28: 09:31
revenant Very impressive work.
revenant · 2015-02-28: 11:31
gonia I like the way you cook the meal.I prefer fish.
gonia · 2015-02-28: 15:14
karabana You really get in there, from the very start to finish, I like it!
My husband BBQ's pig tails. I don't know how so many people avoid the tastiest animal in the entire world, they are really missing out.
Thanks for participating!
karabana · 2015-02-28: 21:17
beeacooker I perked up when I saw that fish stew pot - bet it taste great!
Can't beat fresh meat either!
beeacooker · 2015-03-01: 19:15
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