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me (on the middle) with 2 of my best friends. it was too sunny that we could see our shadows very clearly. i noticed of NEWTON'S LAW and intentionally created this shot...
For me, this shot is an demonstration of Newton's Third Law. It was in 1996, I was a mere middle school student. I happened to come across with this law and fell in love with it. Since that time, I have been living my life on this law and school of thought. For this, I would call myself "a piece of mirror".

The law itself explains, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." Yes, I live my life on this. Smile at me, I will smile. Gimme shit?? There'll be BIGGER SHIT for you.

This is my present for this weekend. Try to live your life on this philosophy. THINK BIG & THE WORLD WILL BE YOURS.
davidcardona Cool. Great lighting!
davidcardona · 2008-07-26: 02:05
sistatitoune cool shot !!!
sistatitoune · 2008-07-26: 02:14
TIM927 will follow your advice right now,,,great thinking!
TIM927 · 2008-07-26: 05:43
????? Nice shot and present. Thanks.
????? · 2008-07-26: 07:33
basirseerat great art , wonderful
basirseerat · 2008-07-26: 08:22
Daryl Good shot...

As we're being philosphical, however, I think you're rewriting Newton's Third Law in the second paragraph ;-) "let there be an equality" we read, but, ... in the case of relationships between people, even that is not good enough... Now, who was it that said if we follow the principle of "an eye for an eye" the whole world would be blind?

A gift from me: Never react. Respond with respect and care.
Only then is Newton's Third Law going to be truly useful.
Daryl · 2008-07-26: 09:27
????? umm.... that newton law has your own way of using it... ha ha ha.... out of PHYSIC.
????? · 2008-07-26: 10:17
leocheung What a great present to me - Newton's Law !

A post with philosophy and beautiful picture. Thank you:)
leocheung · 2008-07-26: 12:31
ScubaLiz Hey, a great photo AND a philosophical dialogue! I love it!
ScubaLiz · 2008-07-27: 12:30
gazal yes so true...

wonder if Newton thought of that...
gazal · 2008-07-27: 13:11
deepus89 gr8 thinkin n nice shot!
niceee :))
deepus89 · 2008-07-27: 13:19
ThomasChu Haha... At the outset,when I looked at the title, I was totally mistaken....After reading your write-up, I agree with u ..haha...
Newton 1st, 2nd and 3rd laws are talking about forces...and your law is talking about the philosophy of interaction with peoples..interesting co-relation....
Btw, I have been using newton laws in my job everyday to design for building, civil and geological structures :)
ThomasChu · 2008-07-27: 20:06
KC727 I like your application of Newton's 3rd Law in a real life :))
KC727 · 2008-07-28: 10:57
????? superb idea !!
????? · 2008-07-28: 12:51
Ming Ting "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"
tHT'S rITE.. such a meaningful posT!!!!
Ming Ting · 2008-07-29: 00:08
reneehps hahah! physics! im studying it now in my school
reneehps · 2008-08-18: 04:55
????? A nice piece of mirror:-))
????? · 2008-08-20: 05:54
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