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An Evening At Yangon Wharf

lovely DOVES on the roof...
a tone of struggling life on the jetty...
now... these jetties are no more... they got sunk because of NARGIS cyclone...
everyday, this place load and unload thousands of passengers and hundreds of tons of products...
various street vendors are selling their products under umbrellas...
a tiring laborer again...
M Ting Waaa..Many Doves on the roof.Nice!让您感觉到~U R Free To Fly 的感觉...哈哈>W<
Our people are really strong man> most of them carrying mini 2 bags of rice on their shoulder?
wht is the weight of each bag? 45kgs/50kgs?
Mr.slight coughing and sore throat man...take care:P
M Ting · 2008-09-10: 06:31
Dear Golden Bro,

Your shots are completely nice! That's one I want to see actually what is going on among my people. How could they get the enfranchisement from heavy loading on their backs for their living? Don't they have no right to choose other sorts of work? They are nobody else but our nationals! So, from your photos I got the sense to treat my people in sympathy more than before. Thanks a lot . I hope my life to have the power for helping such kind of person . :) · 2008-09-10: 06:33
M Ting oh my god! in pic no 5,there is a man carrying 3 boxes on his shoulder....wht's inside the boxes?
M Ting · 2008-09-10: 06:35
hazaj thanks for sharig; #6 is the best!
hazaj · 2008-09-10: 07:11
leocheung I saw similar scenes here in Hong Kong in my younger days and that's a long time ago:))
I respect this hard working people.
leocheung · 2008-09-10: 07:17
ofwordsandphotos words are not enough to describe their pains. :(
ofwordsandphotos · 2008-09-10: 07:56
fionarobinson i love the trearment you given them, i especially like the last one.
fionarobinson · 2008-09-10: 13:26
????? Sorry you are feeling out of sorts. Great report, showing strong people and their hard life.
????? · 2008-09-10: 14:00
????? WOW.. Is that the new lens or digitally done. Great work. Love this set.
????? · 2008-09-10: 14:02
smilingranbow the last one is very impressive
smilingranbow · 2008-09-10: 15:54
zixetta if M Ting hadn´t described the man who is carryng 3 boxes in his shoulder.. i don´t realize that its on tha picture!!! ohh gosh.. your pics are amazing.. I luv ·6! Great 3 months ago job ! XOXXO
zixetta · 2008-09-10: 18:19
????? very touching
????? · 2008-09-10: 23:03
nesay07 Nice Pictures.
Oh!!! Life is life. Our lives will go on in whichever situation and how hard it is. Empathy on our nationals especially low income.
Get well soon, with back date.

nesay07 · 2008-09-10: 23:33
alirezahabibi Very touching and nice shots !!!
alirezahabibi · 2008-09-11: 00:43
ThomasChu Nice capture for the last shot :)
For my humble comment:
Blurring out the background using editing is not natural. Using large aperture to blur out the background will look more natural :)
ThomasChu · 2008-09-11: 01:17
DirtyTricks Hard life.. i can feel the weigh!
DirtyTricks · 2008-09-11: 03:16
Daryl Specially like the last one here. Such a pity that the whole place was taken out by the cyclone. Has it been rebuilt yet? Wharves are such interesting alive places. Here in Melbourne, Australia, you cannot get onto the wharves unless you have a security clearance, so, unless you have a real need to be there, they are off limits. I used to fish from them with my dad when I was younger, and he'd tell me about the ships and their engines, some of which he had designed. No more... Still, there are other places to go to cast a line.
Daryl · 2008-09-11: 12:09
mintra Hope you feel better.
Very touching, great set.
mintra · 2008-09-12: 02:44
mystic1 Very impressive images
mystic1 · 2008-09-12: 03:58
ayamizuno I think that last one is the best...
ayamizuno · 2008-09-12: 07:20
Flowerstone Great report!!! Very impressive.
Flowerstone · 2008-09-12: 12:33
miclaud Much activities! Nice photos!
miclaud · 2008-09-13: 09:49
luucha GREAT!!!
luucha · 2008-09-16: 02:56
HHandrey cuando veo la foto 6 me acuerdo de algo que decia Flaubert acerca de quedar fascinado ante alguien en la calle o en cualquier lado, pensar en su mundo, en su vida, en sus dias....seguramente de este personaje cargando ese bulto se podria escribir toda una gran obra; muy evocadora esta foto!!
HHandrey · 2008-09-16: 21:22
valver23 very good all, but I am charmed with the last one
valver23 · 2008-09-21: 11:41
emmetan 1 and 4 are amazing wonderful captures
emmetan · 2008-09-22: 11:46
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