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he is still so young... he becomes novice since he was 2... he said he is going to stay with robes forever...
i had a shot and did not realize that there's a dog standing among novices... will you call it NATURALISTIC???

I did not have a mere chance to hold my camera the whole week. I have been busy with my work lately. But my customary weekend comes and there are friends who are yearning to see my weekend post. So, I am submitting what I had back in MARCH 26th.

The shots were created on a street of PHYAR PONE. I went there to visit my best friend’s family. It was just a single night stay. I saw these novices watching soccer match at a tea shop. So, I requested their permission to let me have some shots and they did agree.

So, let this weekend fly with this very adorable novices…
????? I love this post. I think
because of Dog, your post is more lively.
????? · 2008-09-13: 02:36
Nwe Ni That's great! Ko Ye'
Nwe Ni · 2008-09-13: 02:38
giodinu beautiful set
giodinu · 2008-09-13: 06:17
shonajean Great shots!
shonajean · 2008-09-13: 08:07
????? Nice... but it's the second one, same boys, same robes and the dog is "breaking" the picture
????? · 2008-09-13: 08:16
smilingranbow lovely kids. lovely dog~
smilingranbow · 2008-09-13: 08:58
tomie wonderful shots! i had a trip in Burma and kept a great memories...i've posted some sets about this fabulous people!
tomie · 2008-09-13: 09:30
miclaud Very beautiful photos!
miclaud · 2008-09-13: 09:43
leocheung Wonderful shots. The dog just made a wonderful shot fantastic.
leocheung · 2008-09-13: 11:07
ofwordsandphotos oh dearest! too bad i can't drop by your country. another time, i guess. ;)
ofwordsandphotos · 2008-09-13: 12:04
????? yeee 1000WATTS, thats 1000 CHINA WATTS, but really is only 100W :-)

I don`t know why china phisic is not world phisic ???

????? · 2008-09-13: 14:27
jodycmoore Adorable is the word! These are very nice, and the dog adds contrasting color to the guys in all red.....I'm glad you posted these. Very nice to see how others live in the world.
jodycmoore · 2008-09-13: 18:53
nazanin Paykar-Ara Colorful shots,I love the way he is looking at your camera,So innocent ...
nazanin Paykar-Ara · 2008-09-14: 01:50
busybee36 Its interesting to see such young people so dedicated to their lives.
busybee36 · 2008-09-14: 07:09
RadekNovotny 1 is very good
RadekNovotny · 2008-09-14: 10:31
Mertxe well it is fantastic, it also wanted to be taken a pic, jejejeje
Mertxe · 2008-09-14: 13:34
????? Very nice shots. Great expressions.
????? · 2008-09-14: 14:34
nesay07 Thanks for sharing.
Deeply appreciated them.
nesay07 · 2008-09-14: 23:58
dilo wow...~
u caught it well bro..
the variety of expression of the lil monks..
i like the one with very "su poat poat" look..hee
dilo · 2008-09-15: 10:21
Clicker Me myself being from Asia, I see them frequently. Everytime I see young child in that dress, a thought always comes into my mind....why they want to take that path??? why they want to get bind.....before they learn to be free??
Clicker · 2008-09-17: 21:30
davidcardona Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2008-09-18: 21:23
emmetan = )

so cute....!!!! with that dog is awesome!
emmetan · 2008-09-22: 11:45
attiDuDe That second shot is awesome William..!!
attiDuDe · 2008-09-22: 23:20
oakley Great post!!
oakley · 2008-09-24: 03:14
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