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camera phone

I received a nifty little USB card reader in the mail yesterday (ebay addiction getting serious lol) and although I originally purchased it to read my camera's SD-card, I just discovered it can also read my phone's MMC so that's awesome! I don't usually use the camera on my phone but I found these old pictures in there for some reason...

They're kind of crappy. Actually they're really crappy... but anyway... the first one is of me in the guest bedroom, the second is of our living room which no one ever goes in to haha, the third is of that one cat we used to have...

I think I'll stick to my regular camera.

Anyway, have a great day!
athenabutterfly what a cute kitty! =)
athenabutterfly · 2007-03-02: 11:28
alhelita hayy qué ricooooo! gatooo! quiero tu camitaaa! dáme chanzeee!!!
alhelita · 2007-03-02: 11:36
????? wowwwww que padreeeeeee oye si que es mas practico firmarte ahora por aki...
nomas que apenas voy a agarrarle la onda...

buieno aki estare molestando..
????? · 2007-03-02: 12:17
????? Hey, que chevere que ya te podemos firmar aqui.
No, pues que bien que te llego tu USB card reader.
Oyes, que le paso al gatito?

Pues deja voy a hacerle de comer a mi honey que ya anda todo hambreado, jaja.

Cuidate, Landy.
????? · 2007-03-02: 13:19
????? woah we can sign this too....oh no, now I will never work! haha
what happened to the kitty? i love cats :)
ok well, well, well...there are still a lot of papers on my desk so I should get on that. oh yeah and my sisters car is still "sick" as the mechanic told me (he is the dad of a friend)....
so...i am making another voyage to St. Charles, this time it is at 5 o'clock...that's not going to be fun. but i will just turn up the music and enjoy the sunshine!

ok i really need to get back to work...i am trying to get my sister's car, talk to people in the office, call my dad, sign this blog, read my email...i'm not multi-talking well!
????? · 2007-03-02: 14:50
????? oops that was from me...Becky!
????? · 2007-03-02: 14:51
alhelita hay gracias por tus comentarios amiga!!
sabes? estaba pensando... que me estoy portando como de ñinaa... cuando alguien me decía NO!, corría con mi mamita! y ella me explicaba qué onda!!! jajaja!!!
gracias amiga!! si! y le creo a Dios!!
alhelita · 2007-03-02: 15:13
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