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over the bridge

We went over to St. Charles to buy Ben's textbooks for another class. He'll be done in one year with his MBA. I'm so proud of him! And me... well... still thinking about the going back to school thing. YES I want a Ph.D., YES I'm sure, and YES my husband has provided the option for me to straight up quit my job to pursue it if I want, but... is it the right time? Am I ready to go back to writing papers and taking tests...? blehhhh I just don't know... the idea makes me a little nauseous right now.

I got my Master's in such a hurry that the whole thing seems like a blur. I'm not sure I even enjoyed it. And on top of that, by the time I was done with it, I wanted nothing to do with the field I had chosen. I want to make sure that this time I'm picking something I will actually be passionate about.

I think all I need is a little push to get me over that bridge... and then I'll be on my way...
????? I love St. Charles! I was just there last night...haha well at Buffalo Wild Wings :)
We should go to Old Town St. Charles...have you been there? Its fun and has lots of old buildings. Someday when it's a nice day we should go walk around and there is a Tea Room down there that is so cute and girlie! haha
Okay well good luck with the "Korean guy"
mucha suerte...cuenta me como te fue! :)
-Rebecca Chiflada
????? · 2007-03-29: 10:41
athenabutterfly yall are so freakin successful! =P
athenabutterfly · 2007-03-29: 14:51
alhelita hola Yessi! cómo estás amigaa! espero que muy bien!!
oyee me lanzo a MonterreY! jajajaja!
al cumple de Máx!!

saludos y besitos para ti amigaa!!
have a nice day!
alhelita · 2007-03-29: 15:56
????? I know what you mean about picking something you are not in love with...i feel the same way...now I want to go back to school..but I don't know what for..I think I just like going to school..hmmm..i've heard of people like that...they make school there career..lol..ohh well..right now I just want to enjoy mija and well...we will see...but yeah take your time and choose wisely my friend...or you too will be doomed to a life on campus..lol
????? · 2007-03-29: 17:58
????? hola yessi...como estas?
apenas vengo saludandote, que mal vdd?

oye pues con la novedad de que alheli si se viene...como vez? total nunca vamos a coincidir vdd?

bueno pues como siempre quería dejarte mi frimilla...
echale ganas, y nunca dejes de hacer lo que quieres hacer...
que bueno qeu estas animada amiga =)

mañana platicamos...ya viernecitos yei!!
????? · 2007-03-29: 19:23
athenabutterfly OMG yessi! youre chicken story was hilarious! i was literally LOLing!!! hahaha! and thats funny that ben noticed it was a weird texture but just ate it anyway...being a good husband!! haha and it makes it even more funny that you werent eating like you were really trying to poison him! oh geez! you crack me up!!!

p.s. i will post pictures one of these days! ive been so lazy/bored/tired this week and ive been slackin! but *hopefully* next week will be better!
athenabutterfly · 2007-03-29: 20:00
Murny well the smart one from the family wants to become smarter!

good luck and work hard! <3
Murny · 2007-03-29: 21:15
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