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AchaelFug · 2014-04-02: 21:18
AchaelFug слотигра.рф
????? · 2012-08-28: 21:43
Reply ⇔ Locks of Love
How awesome of you! I've done that just about every 5 years since I was 10. In a few months it'll be time again! :)
That's so cool. I've never met anyone who has done it before. How did you learn about it?
Carmesi · 2012-08-13: 16:08
Reply ⇔ Convention Daze
How 'bout that Brush Script! hehehehe
you know iiiit
Carmesi · 2012-07-10: 10:36
haha Mirna's face in #12.
So is this place better than the other one?
It's about the same, it's once cent more per ounce, but it's waaaaay closer than O'Berry's
rebaz · 2012-05-24: 01:28
rebaz Hello, My name is Rebaz. I am a painter,,
my hobby is Painting watching the movie, swimming, sport gym, partying sometimes.
I like going out with friends, my family
I love good food, humour, reading, dance, arts, but most of all I love travelling.
I like learning languages
I graduated from the college of Fine Arts University of Salahaddin hawler -The Hawler is located in the south kurdistan , working in plastic art expression

I live in kurdistan
MamieMeade · 2012-05-04: 16:08
MamieMeade Your sister talks of your struggle. What's that all about?
Carmesi · 2012-03-27: 23:49
Reply ⇔ Torta Gigante
5729 calories x.x
I'm so glad I only had half of it for lunch... The other half was for dinner! JK lol
Carmesi · 2012-02-10: 00:58
I approve of this library day.
I was worried you wouldn't!!
????? · 2012-01-24: 20:48
I love this! I'm sorry you had a bad dream, but can I steal this?? I've always wanted to depict my dreams some sort of way but never thought of doing it this way, it's awesome.
:D :D :D
Carmesi · 2012-01-23: 01:24
Reply ⇔ Winter weather?
I'm jealous. Of your green winter and your tilt shift mastery.
I wouldn't call it "mastery" but thanks for the encouragement! :P