by Leah T February. 05, 2012 3806 views

While walking the trail under a cloudy sky, I came across these two trees and for some reason immediately thought of the twin towers. The entire composition felt eerie. :( As I walked under the trees, following the trail, I looked back and saw blue skies with a “sunnier” composition …feeling perplexed, I snapped the shot. Continuing on the trail I couldn't help but to think about what I had just saw and wonder if I would have taken the same perception from the subject matter had I walked through the “sunny side” first. Would the thought of the twin towers even cross my mind at all? There were a lot of innocent people that died in that horror (attack of the towers - regardless of which terrorists actually attacked… villians from another country, or our very own government), I cannot imagine anything “sunny” following that!

Day 36 … Perception

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