Glacier National Park - Part 2

by Gary Luker November. 21, 2019 260 views

"Shadow people" reflected in Two Medicine Lake.

Bisons taking dust baths.

Virginia Falls.

Montana Prairie.

A young Moose hears Mom calling.

One of the Twin Falls...a matching falls is just to the right.

The turquoise glacier water of Grinell Lake at about 5000 feet.

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Jerry Spierenburg 11 months ago

Can't ever get enough of this park, beautiful.

11 months ago Edited
Gary Luker Replied to Jerry Spierenburg 11 months ago

It's an amazing place, Jerry.

11 months ago Edited
Heike 11 months ago

Very beautiful photos. #1 I had to smile when I scrolled down. Landscape photos often give the impression, that the photographer is the lone wolf, who wanders through the rough wildness for days to shoot just the one perfect photo with no one else around him...Until you see a shoot from the other side...  smile

11 months ago Edited
Gary Luker Replied to Heike 11 months ago

Yes, I think that's true :)  I have some photos o taken of early sunrise on the peaks of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming..And I literally had to elbow my way in among all the photographers lined up for the sun to rise and produce that wonderful alpenglow  on the peaks !

11 months ago Edited
Sherry Hill 11 months ago

as much as i love the moose and bison shots, that b/w prairie shot is so moody.. it almost invokes a memory type nostalgia, and i've never been to Montana.. 

11 months ago Edited
Gary Luker Replied to Sherry Hill 11 months ago

Yes, I am trying to learn to do more with B&W. I never really explored it, but I agree the B&W images seem to be very pleasing with respect to mood. But by the same token, some of your color shots are among my favorites,,like the simple leaf photo that I believe you took when checking out the moon grinning  I could hang that on my wall...

11 months ago Edited
Benny Law 11 months ago

Wish I were there now.

11 months ago Edited
Gary Luker Replied to Benny Law 11 months ago

Ha,,really, I do too grinning I imagine the snow is quite deep there right now...there are liveview cameras around the Park.  Maybe we should check those and see what's happening !

11 months ago Edited
Don Baird 11 months ago

Beautiful photos

11 months ago Edited
Gary Luker Replied to Don Baird 11 months ago

Thanks, Don,,it was an easy place for photos...I brought back hundreds !

11 months ago Edited