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by Gary Luker January. 13, 2020 205 views

I very much enjoy viewing all the great photos here on PB and seeing how different folks create their own unique works. The diversity and mix of subject matter is really interesting. Being such creative types, I often wonder what other hobbies or interests the members here might be involved with outside of Photography. I suspect that the Photography creative juices apply to other interesting things as well. So, lacking any other ideas for Photos at the moment, I decided to post a few of my favorite things outside of Photography and maybe others would like to follow suit and post some pictures of their other interests :)

I spent several years buying, selling, restoring and collecting vintage archery bows. These are a few of the 1960's era bows and I consider them to be works of art. All hand made back in those days with exotic woods like Bubinga and Shedua,,,the craftsmanship is awesome !

The top section are vintage and throwing knives. The bottom section are handmade.

Native American style flutes made of different woods and bamboo. I am not Native American, so flutes I make have to be called Native American "Style" flutes. By law, only real Native Americans can call their fabrications "Native American Flutes" :-] Haunting, calming sounds are produced by these flutes.

And lastly, my Picture Wall...I make the frames.

So, thar ya are ... anyone else want to reveal ?

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Sherry Hill 7 months ago

so interesting.. the archery bows, very unique.. 
as for the flutes,  i am Native American and fell in love with that haunting sound, it's so dreamy.. i have such a flute, but be damned if i could ever play it.. :)

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Gary Luker Replied to Sherry Hill 7 months ago

As a Native American, you maybe have a kind of spiritual connection to the flute music..?  The flutes  played, and still do I believe, a large role in Native American culture for thousands of years.  Maybe you have heard of Kokopelli  ..? You should try learning how to play your flute ! No knowledge of music required,,,hardest part is learning finger placement on the holes and breath control.  Once you have that, you simply play "from your heart.." as they say.  Check out Carlos Nakai on YouTube to hear some great stuff !  Let me know if you need any more info on how to play, etc...a very unique instrument.

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Jay Boggess 7 months ago

Love these!!! Thanks!+1

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Gary Luker Replied to Jay Boggess 7 months ago

Thanks, Jay...I need things to do during our devil hot summer months grinning

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Jay Boggess Replied to Gary Luker 7 months ago

I understand, completely!+1

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Benny Law 7 months ago

I like some of those frames you made. Hard to find good picture frames here in Canada at reasonable prices.

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Gary Luker Replied to Benny Law 7 months ago

After taking all those wildlife photos, I was wondering what to do with them besides sticking them in an album.  So always on the lookout for a wood project, I decided to make the frames and place them on the wall, so I can see them anytime.  I don't use commercial finishes for the frames,,just natural stuff like coffee, tea, red wine and a concoction of white vinegar and steel wool which when left to "ferment" for a few days colors raw wood to a brown/grey vintage look.

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Benny Law Replied to Gary Luker 7 months ago

That's pretty amazing, Gary!

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