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I recently returned from a photo trip to Yellowstone national park. The goal of the trip was to see and photograph the Wolves of Yellowstone. It is probably the best location in the world to observe and photograph Wolves in the wild. The challenge, however, is to get some usable photos as you have to deal with subjects that are about a mile away, the low light levels of predawn and the freezing cold. So, needless to say, super telephoto lenses are required and teleconverters also help a bit. In all, my setup was equivalent to a 1000mm lens. And I still found it a challenge. The Wolf photos will be forthcoming as I have a lot of editing to do. But we also had many photo opportunities for other wildlife and scenery which I will be posting in two or three parts.

Early Morning Yellowstone.

Plenty of Bison around..the pavement makes their walking easier.

Great Horned owl.

Big Horn Sheep.

See the Mountain Goat in the Cave ?

See the Mountain Goat in the Cave ?

OK, more later as I wade through the editing captions here still don't work :(.....Hope everyone is well.

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Patricia D-R 7 months, 1 week ago

#1 is breathtaking!

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