Yellowstone..Part 2

by Gary Luker March. 29, 2020 357 views

A few more photos of various "critters" from my trip in early March of this year.

Lone Coyote..

Bald Eagle and Raven..

Big Bison plowing through the snow in early morning sun..

Big Horn Sheep ram posing...Notice the tip of his left horn is a bit mangled. I'm told they do that by rubbing their horn tip on a rock so it doesn't interfere with his vision.

Squirrel on his roof ...

And now for a little humor...One of our guides apparently carries around this Big Foot costume and while the other guide is seriously telling us something about photographing wildlife, out from behind some rocks pops "Big Foot" !! It was pretty funny and totally unexpected. I doctored the photo to give it a vintage look reminiscent of the old picture that floated around for years of Big Foot..:)

Looking on was this Big Horn Sheep who also seemed to think it quite funny !!

OK,,enough of that. More to come later....

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Jay Boggess 1 year ago

Hahahahahahhaaa..........great series & fun ending~~~

1 year ago Edited
Gary Luker Replied to Jay Boggess 1 year ago

Thanks, Jay...I thought a little (very little?) humor would help these days as we all try to get through this latest crisis..hope all are well at your place.

1 year ago Edited
Jay Boggess Replied to Gary Luker 1 year ago

I agree.....we need all the humor we can get these daze!!! Thanks!

Hope all's well on your end,as well!

Always a pleasure.....


1 year ago Edited