Rugby-All Blacks vs South Africa 2007

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As a warm up rugby match, All Blacks (New Zealand) won Springboks (South Africa) 33:6 in July 2007.

In Rugby World Cup 2007, South Africa became champion while All Blacks was kicked off from quarter final.

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Photo: Ellen Yule

AMEN. Is it blessing or curse for All Blacks? The road sign is viewed in Christchurch during New Zealand Rugby Campaign till 11 Nov. 2007.

Photo: Ellen Yule

the opening ceremony of Tri-nations Rugby Game (New Zealand, Australia and South Africa) at Jade Stadium (now AMI Stadium), Christchurch on 14 July 2007, All Blacks (New Zealand, captain: Richie McCaw) v Springboks (South Africa)

All Blacks are New Zealand national pride.
Black is not a negative element at all for Kiwis.

Ka Mate Haka ((Māori traditional dance) ) is performed by All Blacks before match against Springboks (South Africa).

Haka is believed to inject energy and braveness into All Blacks.

The first New Zealand rugby team to tour overseas, playing eight matches in New South Wales, Australia, in 1884, performed “a Maori war cry” or haka before each of its matches.

In 1905 New Zealand made their first tour of Britain. This was the first time the team were referred to as the All Blacks.

Ka Mate Haka ('a celebration of life over death' )
“It is death, it is death: it is life, it is life; this is the man who enabled me to live as I climb up step by step toward sunlight.”

The All Blacks are believed to have first used the “Ka Mate” or “Te Rauparaha” haka in 1906. The origin of this haka dates to 1810 when chief Te Rauparaha of the Ngāti Toa iwi ( tribe) was being chased by enemies.

Rugby is a 100% team play.

human towers


GO ALL BLACKS, GO ALL BLACKS, GO ALL BLACKS, what such a huge supporter wave!

No, the audiences try to show the other side of the sign board “PICK ME” by sponsor Phillips for a lucky prize during the match break.
Seeing is not believing, is it?

group dancing?

Dan Carter is ready to shoot the goal.

All Blacks sweeps Springboks by 26:6 about one and half minutes before the match finishes.

Victory belongs to those who are always ready to try their best even at the last minute.

All Blacks steps on the gas to score a vital late try against South Africa, ending up 33:6.

Dramatically, All Blacks were beaten up by France 18:20 in quarter final match of Rugby World Cup in October 2007, while Springboks jumped up to become world champion.

The natioal fever of All Blacks immediately turned into nationwide depression after the historic repeated loss.

Well equipped with 3-layer on body and a blanket in backpack, Ellen fights against the Canterbury winter chilliness to support All Blacks.

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