Learn English on Holiday in Christchurch, New Zealand

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Want to learn English faster? Want to travel around New Zealand? Want to make new friends? Want to experience Kiwi lifestyle? Want to have off-season fun? Want to develop your career? 2WAYS Kiwiana English + Holiday package is a great vehicle to help you to achieve your goal.

2WAYS is a Christchurch-based company who specialises in customising New Zealand Study Packages and Tour Packages for Spanish, Catalan and Chinese clients.

Come with 2WAYS - learn English faster and enjoy your holiday more in New Zealand!

Photo: Ellen Yule

Want to learn English faster? Want to travel around New Zealand? Want to make new friends? Want to experience Kiwi lifestyle? Want to have fun? Want to develop your career? 2Ways Kiwiana English Holiday package is a great vehicle to help you to achieve your goal.


Apart from English course, Rosa and Lluis from Tarragona, Spain enjoy hands-on painting experience in July 2005 with the local artist recommended by 2Ways.

Lluis and Rosa visit the local Maori primary school accompanied by Amelia.

2WAYS farewell for Rosa and Lluis at Christchurch airport.

Kati from Ginola, Spain discovers Christchurch and New Zealand in March 2006.

Kati and Amelia experience 360 degree spins of jetboating in Hanmer Springs, 2-hour drive from Christchurch, NZ.

Cheers! Salut! Ellen welcomes Gemma and Javier to Christchurch from Barcelona, Spain in July 2006.

Amelia accompanies Gemma and Javier to visit the hottest attraction in Christchurch - The Antarctic Centre.

Gemma and Javier enjoy the music night at Tuskers Bar.

Ellen (left) and Amelia (right) celebrate with Gemma and Javier for their completion of 2-week English course before their holiday in Fiji.

Gemma and Javier find it very interesting to have a chat in English with Garry Moor, Christchurch Mayor.

Amelia explains the process of Maori flax weaving in Christchurch Governor's Bay to Rosa and Enric from Tarragona, Spain in November 2006.

Didac Belles from Valencia, Spain receives 2WAYS welcome at Christchurch airport and on-going support to arrange a further trip to Australia and Fiji after 3-week intensive English course in April 2008.

Amelia congratulations on Oscar and Clara from Madrid, Spain for their life journey starting with a honeymoon trip in New Zealand, organised by 2Ways in September 2008.

Lluis escapes from the winter of Lleida, Spain to Christchurch, New Zealand through 2Ways Kiwiana English Holiday programme from December 2008 to March 2009.

Lluis catches the first sight of the Pacific Ocean in New Brighton beach one hour after landed in Christchurch.

Lluis receives a very WARM welcome by Kiwi host family whom are carefully selected by 2Ways.

Lurdes from Barcelona, Spain starts her 3-month Kiwiana English Holiday programme with the Christchurch City Orientation Tour guided by 2Ways staff in December 2008.

As an expert of conservation in Catalonia, Spain, Lurdes checks out the ‘green’ aspect of the Garden City in Christchurch Riccarton Bush.

Lurdes is introduced by 2Ways to Ruth Dyson, the New Zealand former Minister of Labour Department in Christmas party 2008.

Instead of sitting home and complaining the gloomy economy in Barcelona, Spain, Mariona gets her English language upgraded and her energy recharged through 2WAYS Kiwiana Study and Tour Programme in February 2009.

Jose Maria from Madrid, Spain invests six months in New Zealand to learn English and broaden his horizon through 2WAYS Kiwiana Study Programme starting in March 2009.

After living in Christchurch for three months, Adriana who is originally from Costa Rica, find it stress-free to choose and enrol a 10-week English course via 2WAYS.

Lara(17) and Aran(15) from Barcelona, Spain are welcomed by 2WAYS staff and the host families at Christchurch international airport - you are never far away from home!

For Lara and Aran, 2WAYS Welcome Kit is an informative kit of survival during their 4-week English Holiday Programme in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Aran is excited about the open chess game with an international contestant in Christchurch Cathedral Square.

In 2WAYS's orientation tour, Aran checks out Kate Sheppard - the New Zealand's most famous suffragette on NZ$10 note and the sculpture on Christchurch Avon Riverbank.

Gabriel Puche from Madrid, Spain has a special treat at Riccarton Bush from 2WAYS for his birthday during 12-week English study in Christchurch, NZ in September 2009.

Amelia from 2WAYS accompanies Merce Prat who is from Barcelona, Spain for the school registration at the first day of her 12-week English study in February 2010.

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