1/3 Getting more fit...

by David Emery January. 03, 2008 1630 views

Yeah, so I'm not weight-obsessed or anyting. When I thought ‘what should I take a picture of today, cause I am feeling Sooooo Lazy…’ Well. What ELSE but the scale?

That would be nosy Madame Leota, by the way, judging my progress as usual. (wink) She's queen of the household, after all… or maybe she's waiting for me to get to an optimum fat vs muscle ratio so she can invite the other cats to a feast… (peering both ways suspiciously)

So anyway. There it is. …I suppose, technically, I weighed in at 214 this morning, but adding the camera somehow made it register 215… Who knew?

All the better for my goals next month… Muhahahaha….

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