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I'm 40 now, and am an artist... Digital Photography is not new to me, but the idea of pushing myself to indulge in it more often is delightful... Especially since it is not my usual form of 'art'! Thus, I have started this '365' blog. I hope to have taken 1 picture, for every single day of the coming year... what will I photograph, and where will I find the inspiration to keep going? I have NO idea! We'll just have to see what a YEAR of photography will look like!

Update: I can't say I have been doing very well so far... not just the occasional hole in the picture blog, but huge gaps... a lot of time, I forgot to even take a picture, much less upload it! urgh.

I've decided to get back toit, and try a little more in ernest, now.

If you have found this photoblog because of one of my business/calling cards, Welcome! I can always be reached via the information on my profile page, and am always open to chit chat in comments or email, either one. :)

Thank you for visiting this photoblog!

Some faces you're bound to see turning up eventually:

Jim: my otherhalf and dedicated partner of almost 10 years now.

"Somebodys Baby": Our OTTB (off the track thouroughbred) horse. I take a lot of pictures of her...

"Big Bertha": My Rottweiler, who is also a registered Service Animal!

"Madame Leota" and "Dee Dee": they started life as feral kittens we found at a country nursery- littermates, who have now grown into lovely five year old tuxedo-black cats who rule the house!

"Tiki Jack": A long-haired maine-coon cross, who wandered into our lives as a tiny kitten with a heart condition... and stayed. She's huge now, and quite a love.

Thank you for visting my photoblog... I hope you find many enjoyable sights here, and perhaps it will inspire YOU to try the 365 challenge too!


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